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Popular content delivery platform Netflix is ​​launching a new feature for kids. It’s called Mystery Box and it will recommend movies and TV shows for kids, helping them discover their next favorite movie series. While the feature is similar to the shuffle button which recommends content based on viewer preferences, it will only recommend eligible shows and movies for viewing by children.

On the official blog, Netflix states that “kids are drawn to what they love – their favorite toys, foods, songs – and it’s hard to get them to try anything new. So today we’re launching a new mystery box feature on TVs around the world gives kids a fun and safe space to check out their next favorite shows and movies or reconnect with a familiar face, whether it’s a comedy series in a beloved franchise like Boss Baby: Back In The Crib or an animated adventure featuring a whole new cast of lovable characters like Back to the Outback.”

The feature is available to Netflix users worldwide and can be used by viewers watching content through a child’s profile. While kids can still select a movie or series manually, the feature adds fun to the process as it involves interactive and colorful animations that create drama before revealing the name of the movie or series they should recommend. Here’s how to use the new Mystery Box on Netflix.

How to use the new Netflix Mystery Box?

  • Sign in to a child profile.
  • Find the ‘Favorites Row’ kids at the top of the homepage. This line is character-driven to connect them more easily and vividly with the characters, shows, and movies they love the moment they turn on Netflix.
  • Hover over the glittering “mystery box” to discover a “new for you” title.

Netflix describes the new Mystery Box in the official announcement posted on May 19, 2022. “What’s in the Mystery Box? One day it could be Ada Twist and her pals Iggy and Rosie. Another day, it could be those creepy dinosaurs from Camp Jurassic World Cretaceous Or maybe it’s some feline friends from Gabby’s Dollhouse In a nutshell, the new Netflix Mystery Box is a content-recommending tool that’s free of charge. danger for children.

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