What happened to Anna’s daughter (how did she die?)

Elizabeth’s fate is unknown at the start of the Netflix show, but it profoundly affected Anna’s behavior and how she approached her neighbors.

Warning! SPOILERS ahead for The woman in the house opposite the girl at the window.

Elizabeth’s fate in The woman in the house opposite the girl at the window is sealed before the Netflix limited series begins, but it’s not immediately clear what happened to Anna’s daughter. Kristen Bell is at the center of the mystery thriller satire as she plays Anna, an artist who can no longer paint following a deeply traumatic event involving her daughter and spends her time drinking wine and spying on her neighbors from his window. The woman at home was created by Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras, and it debuted on Netflix on January 28.


The woman at home features Anna as someone alternating between contemplative and confused states, initially tricking viewers into believing it had something to do with being late to school with her daughter Elizabeth (Appy Pratt). However, it suddenly becomes clear that something is wrong with Anna, as the other mothers at school are worried about her. The hunch is confirmed when that same night, as Anna prepares for a date, she asks her daughter to give her a kiss and Elizabeth reveals she can’t because she’s dead, seemingly leaving drop the shocking news for Anna and the viewers.

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Even after Anna confirms Elizabeth’s death, how she died isn’t explained until later, though it’s inextricably linked to why she keeps forgetting unforgettable things. It is only after Anna’s umpteenth episode of ombrophobia, or fear of rain, that Elizabeth’s death is finally explored in depth. In agreement with The woman at homeAnna’s over-the-top approach to satirizing the mystery thriller genre, Elizabeth’s death turns out to be the tragic consequence of many incredibly horrific events, starting with Anna’s suggestion to her husband Douglas (Michael Ealy), a psychiatrist of the FBI working with serial killers, to bring their daughter for the day Take your child to work. Left alone and unguarded with cannibal Massacre Mike (Brendan Jennings), Elizabeth is killed and then eaten by the convicted serial killer, who scars her parents Anna and Douglas for life.

Elizabeth Whittaker The Woman in the House Opposite the Girl in the Window

Although Elizabeth’s murder is quite impossible to forget, as Anna herself expresses when she wonders how she could have forgotten it right after she stopped hallucinating her daughter while playing with a dollhouse. , Kristen Bell’s way of dealing with grief is framed as the thing to blame. through The woman at home. To manage her ombrophobia and calm down, Anna uses psychotropic drugs prescribed to her by what is believed to be her therapist. Against his recommendation, however, Anna takes them with wine, resulting in frequent hallucinations that make her question herself after witnessing the murder of Lisa/Chastity (Shelley Hennig).

The woman at home saves many unexplained events until the end, mainly the murder of Lisa, the central murder of the series, which would not have happened by many characters until episode 6, when the body is found. Still, Elizabeth’s murder is never questioned, and when it becomes clear how it happened and how Anna thinks she was responsible for it, many of Anna’s reactions begin to make sense. The woman at homeAnna’s ending ends up giving Anna closure from her daughter’s murder and her post-traumatic ombrophobia, while being a thrilling mystery thriller that, at the same time, successfully pokes fun at the genre.

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