Watch How a Walnut Turns into a Polly Pocket-Sized Bookcase

Do you remember Polly Pocket? If you’re a 90s kid, you know. It’s basically a miniature doll and her little portable dollhouse. And for some reason little things are still around, even in 2022. Where Polly Pocket might not be as present anymore, people are coming up with other ideas, like tiny terrarium earrings.

Or miniature houses – just like Polly Pocket – but made by hand, like this TikTok account @bright share in their video.


Can you believe that? It’s made with real nuts! Look how tiny, yet detailed everything is!

It certainly reminds me of the original Polly Pocket but much smaller. This artist is extremely talented. It’s hard to say how they prepared the nuts before they made the little houses, but I guess they used some kind of coating to protect the nut from shattering, especially to secure the door hinge – so so that it can be opened. As for the interior, I imagine they got all the hardware from a craft store, like Michaels. These nuts even have fairy lights!

As you can see, there is a nut for everything and everyone. You can find a library, a dining room, a forest, a house with small animals and even a bathroom. I can only guess here, but it seems the options are endless.

It would probably sell very well on Etsy, as well as great gifts. Although the only purpose of having a nut like this is to display it.

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