#ToyTech 5 things you probably didn’t know about Polly Pocket

Perhaps one of the unforgettable 90s toys for girls is the compact carrying cases that hide a dollhouse inside. Yes! You guessed right! We’re talking about Polly Pocket.

Polly Pockets are mini dollhouses that come with a small figurine or doll. Compact carrying cases reveal play scenario such as beach, park, amusement park and many more.

There are probably things you didn’t know about Polly Pocket yet. In this article, let’s explore the world of Polly Pocket.

(Photo: Mattel/Screen taken from Mattel website)

1. Polly Pocket was invented in 1983 by Chris Wiggs

Polly Pocket toys first appeared in stores in 1989. However, the toy was actually created six years earlier. Chris Wiggs invented Polly Pocket in 1983.

Wiggs created the mini dollhouse for her daughter Kate. According like to know, he conceptualized that he would create a doll small enough to “fit in a pocket”. But at the same time, he wants the doll to have “a whole world to play in.” With that in mind, Wiggs used a compact to create a small house that could hold a small doll.

Six years after its invention, Polly Pocket has become an officially licensed product of Bluebird Toys.

2. Mattel redesigns the original Polly Pocket

In 1998, the Polly Pocket sets from the 90s underwent a “redesign”. A far cry from the cartoon features of the original Polly Pocket dolls, the new dolls had a rather “realistic” appearance and were larger. Also, the playsets have gotten bigger.

Polly Pocket’s redesign didn’t stop there, as Mattel launched “Fashion Polly” the following year. These dolls are less than four inches tall. They come with the unique “Polly Stretch” clothes.

Stretchy and interchangeable garments have proven to be very popular. According 90s Toys, this Polly Pockets set that came with stretchy clothes is still sold today. In addition to female dolls, Mattel also created male dolls.

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3. Polly’s world has expanded beyond the doll line

Polly’s world is no longer limited to the line of dolls. You can find Polly Pocket dolls in videos and books. She even has her own website.

Polly Pocket also got a spot on daytime television. In the summer of 2018, the cartoon titled “Polly Pocket” began to air. And even before Polly’s first TV appearance, she had already acted in films such as “Polly Pocket: Lunar Eclipse” (2003), “Polly Pocket 2: Cool at the Pocket Plaza” (2005) and “PollyWorld” (2006). ).

4. Polly Pocket returns

Mattel already stopped production of Polly Pocket in 2015. However, there seems to be fan demand to see more Polly Pocket. So in 2018, Mattel announced that it was bringing back the original Polly Pocket sets from the 1990s.

The new dolls, which are made of soft plastic, are a bit larger than the original 90s version, according to 90s Toys. These new Polly Pocket dolls can bend over to sit on a chair.

5. The most popular Polly Pocket sets

Mini dollhouses are fun, portable and imaginative toys. In previous decades, Polly Pocket has been a hit with kids.

Hundreds of different sets and scenarios are available to play with. But according to 90s Toys, sets that let kids add water, like 1995’s Splash n’ Slide water park, were one of the most popular.

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