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What can the four colors of pasta in a toy kit give a child? “Counting, dabbing, pretending, recognizing shapes, crafting, coloring, identifying shapes and much more,” says Khushboo Saraf, an inventive mother-turned-inventor from Bengaluru who hit the sweet spot with an idea for a multi-sensory play kit in
the crowded Indian toy market. Saraf says her desire to find safe and creative toys for her toddler led her to launch her own toy line last year.

Saraf struggled to buy toys that went beyond entertaining her son and nourishing his spirit. Toy safety was a concern. “Some toys were colorful and attractive, but not creative or safe. Not all of these products on the market would give everything mothers are looking for in toys. Necessity is the mother of invention and I thought started making toys that ticked all the boxes they wanted,” she says.

Saraf’s goal was to create safe play kits that would enhance creativity and stimulate children’s brain power.

After extensive research and several experiments in the kitchen, she ended up with “tasteless” multi-sensory play kits that had a safe molding material. Using the ideas behind the homemade activities she designed for her son in 2021, Saraf, 35, who moved from Bihar to Bengaluru, took her first steps into the toy industry as CEO of her own brand “Lattooland”.

A business strategy, adaptability and innovation are embedded in it. Alumnus of IIM Bangalore and BITS Pilani, she spent over 11 years in investment banking and product management at Citigroup, Snapdeal and Amazon. Multi-sensory toolkits, as the name ‘Lattooland’ suggests, involve a child using multiple senses such as taste, touch and smell. When all of these senses are in play, more neural connections are triggered, increasing the brain’s holding power. “For children, it’s even more exponential since 90% of brain development occurs by the age of five. So whatever you teach a child during this time will most likely be of value the longest,” says the innovative mom.

Initially, Saraf started making game kits which she posted on her Instagram account @lifeonapalette. He was followed by young parents, many of whom asked him to make the kits. Her son’s favorite is the dough kit which helps him mold, cut and roll and live in an imaginary world. Another favorite is the Rainbow Rice Kit which involves gluing together grains of rice to learn colors and gluing. Children develop their fine motor skills and learn to pick up and measure correctly.

“Lattooland” only offers lab-tested and taste-safe modeling clay kits with tools, rainbow rice kits, pasta games, gardening kits and organic party kits. “Since all of our kits are made from food grade ingredients, they are taste safe, unlike plastic kits which contain toxic elements like ‘BPA’ (Bisphenol A, a hazardous substance)” , says Saraf.

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