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This weekend is all about challenging stereotypes. From screening a film about men who own cats (and aren’t afraid to admit it) to a play based on a classic drama that rocked the 19th century for breaking gender roles.

Additionally, we found a Silent Disco that encourages mindful thinking and intention setting and a Community Bike Ride that makes evening bike rides a fun and safe experience in Long Beach.



Actors Jennifer Shelton and Scott Roberts perform in the International City Theater’s production of ‘A Doll’s House, Part 2’. Photo by Kayte Deioma courtesy of the City’s International Theater.

The International City Theater just kicked off screenings of its new production, “A Doll’s House, Part 2” this week, with performances Thursday through Sunday through May 1. But on Wednesday and Thursday, April 13 and 14, ICT is offering discounted tickets to the “preview” screenings for $37.

The play is a sequel of sorts to Henrik Ibsen’s 1879 historical drama “A Doll’s House” about a woman named Nora who decides to leave her husband and young children behind in a quest for self-discovery – at the a very controversial piece at the time.

In “A Dolls House, Part 2”, playwright Lucas Hnath imagines what it would be like for Nora to visit her ex-husband 15 years later as a smart, confident person. Hnath envisioned the reunion as a comedy, and her clever take on the serious play was a hit, landing its Broadway debut in 2017. But the show promises more than just laughs and explores how women’s roles have and don’t. haven’t changed in the years since Isben’s original play began.

The ICT production stars actors Jennifer Shelton as Nora and Scott Roberts as Nora’s ex-husband Torivald, both veteran actors in the theater company. The show is directed by Trevor Biship-Gillespie, whose work has also been produced with the South Coast Repertory theater company in Orange County. Click here to buy tickets.

The city’s International Theater is located at 330 E. Seaside Way.


Local atmospheric rock band asi-fui spent the last few years before the release of their new album “Gold” experimenting, recording and performing with innovative ways of writing and arranging their music. Part of their newfound sensation is due to the addition of a new band member on guitar, Vince Mazza. But also, Asi Fui has been forced to take a step back from his work and plans to release “Gold” in 2020 due to this devastating virus which has almost upended the music industry for quite some time. You know this one. But, the silver lining was that they now had the space (and time) to deepen and mature their sound further.

The new four-track EP will be released on all streaming platforms on April 15. To celebrate this new milestone for the group, Asi Fui will be performing an album release show at Alex’s Bar on Friday, April 15. During this show, attendees will be able to hear the new live album in addition to a variety of new unrecorded tracks that Asi Fui has prepared. Also on the program, an electronic trio Farbarf and local groups Chapis, Slice and DJ Rad Wolf.

Tickets for the show are $19.32 and can be purchased online, Click here. If you want to support Asi Fui, pre-order digital sales of “Gold” are available in line.

Alex’s Bar is at 2913 E. Anaheim St.


a man with a red beard, glasses, a black cap and a denim jacket hangs out with a fluffy brown cat on his shoulders

Truck driver David Durst walks through the snow with his travel cat, Tora, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Image by Robert Bennett

In 2020, documentary filmmaker Mye Hoang took on the task of documenting a cultural shift she had noticed in men. That men, in fact, loved cats more than they let on, and that those who owned them weren’t as weird as stereotypes might make them out to be.

In his documentary “Cat Daddies,” viewers dive into the lives of eight cat-loving men whose lives have been changed for the better by their feline companions.

The film will screen for a single day at the Art Theater on Saturday, April 16 at Retro Row. The show starts at 10:30 a.m. Tickets are $20, Click here to buy. Learn more about the documentary, here.

The Long Beach Art Theater is located at 2025 E. Fourth St.


On Saturday, April 16, a host of local artists and musicians take over Ficklewood Ciderworks downtown, with a free all-day art and music show.

Catch local bands such as funk and soul band Pheonyx and Phyreindie rock singer-songwriter Ian Martin and the jazz outfit Scott Heustis Group. A total of five bands will play at two-hour intervals starting at 12:30 p.m.

An art exhibition will take place simultaneously, with artists whose Dave the rainbow, twisted fingers and more.

Click here for more information and planning details.

Ficklewood Ciderworks is at 720 E. Broadway.



A group of cyclists ride on the beach footpath during the Moonlight Mash in 2016. Photo by Asia Morris.

If you fancy an evening bike ride that feels safe and fun, consider joining other cyclists during the Moonlight Mash on Saturday April 16 for a bike ride through the city center and takes place every months in tandem with the full moon.

The ride is also a bit of a costume party, where onlookers are encouraged to dress up in a specific theme. With this month’s theme being all about sports, cyclists are encouraged to dress up as gymnasts, swimmers, soccer players or Olympic athletes – you get the idea. You can still take the ride without a costume, and it’s free.

Organizers simply require riders to wear bike lights and helmets. Meet at 7:30 p.m. at Shannon’s on Pine. Departure is at 8 p.m. sharp. Click here for more information.

Shannon’s on Pine is at 209 Pine Ave.


Flyer courtesy of Authentic Vibrations.

Local DJ Katrina gasoline teamed up with a yoga and meditation instructor T LeSure in a two-hour event that will be both a guided meditation and a silent disco – the ones where you listen to music through headphones instead of music blaring through speakers.

Guests are encouraged to bring yoga mats and water. It’s unclear if headphones will be provided, but if you have headphones that can connect to Bluetooth, this will be the way to go.

Tickets are $22 and can be purchased online, Click here. Click here for more info on the event.

Bluff Park is at 2100 E. Ocean Blvd.

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