The Syfy’s Chucky Season 1 Episode 4 Scene That Makes No Sense

In the show, main protagonist Jake (Zackary Arthur) originally buys Chucky at a garage sale, but the doll ends up belonging to Caroline, the bully’s little sister whom Jake wants dead. Trying to kill her, Chucky sets the house on fire instead, causing Caroline to end up in the hospital and badly disfiguring half of Chucky’s face in the process.

Later, there is a confrontation between Jake and his bully, Lexy, in his burnt down house. In a moment of crisis, he decides he ultimately doesn’t have the heart to assassinate her and saves her from falling into Chucky’s blade-wielding arms. Then they are interrupted by Detective Tate who recognizes the doll and follows orders to return it to Caroline – and is subsequently murdered by Chucky for his trouble.

Fans on social media were stunned by Tate’s actions. In Reddit thread, one of the most voted comments comes from u/RaisinInSand, who wrote “I find it hilarious that a cop sees this burnt face and thinks yes, it’s a perfectly normal doll and [brings] to a small child in a hospital. Honestly, I like its absurdity. This comment has over 100 upvotes, clearly demonstrating why this is one of the most absurd scenes in the series so far. That said, fans don’t seem to care, with u/smedsterwho replying “My favorite piece of stupidity too!”

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