The scariest games that will scare you in your own house

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to play spooky games. There are many genres and settings for horror. You may encounter supernatural fears in another world or experience psychological fears in an ordinary place. No matter if you play with friends or brave it alone, horror games are an exciting experience.

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With a mix of spooky atmosphere and jumpscares, horror games set in houses can be downright terrifying. These games take a normal location that you usually consider safe and create new scares to think about. It still makes for a fun but fun experience. So, here is a selection of horror games that will make you nervous walking around your house.


10/10 Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is full of spooky houses to explore. It’s a game where you play as paranormal investigators sent to houses and other places to identify what type of ghost is haunting the address. There’s always an unsettling atmosphere as you explore each house, with every sound making you fear a spirit is nearby.

There are many types of ghosts to encounter no matter which house you visit. This keeps you on your toes, beware of the inevitable lairs where the ghost will stalk you. Phasmophobia will make you wonder if your own house is haunted.

9/10 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil: Biohazard revived the series, bringing it back to its spooky roots. You play as Ethan Winters, investigating the disappearance of his wife, Mia. The search takes you to the home of the Baker family. This is where most of the game takes place as you explore the dilapidated and creepy house of a cruel and monstrous family.

Resident Evil 7’s house would scare everyone. It’s full of cluttered and disturbing rooms, and the horrible residents spend their time looking for you. The Baker house is a place no one wants to visit.

8/10 Emily wants to play

Emily Wants To Play is a short survival horror game set in a quiet, eerie house. You play as a confused pizza delivery boy when no one answers the door to pick up his order. Upon stepping inside, you are quickly trapped and informed that the games will start at midnight. You are left to wander through a dark and isolating house, encountering a group of killer dolls!

You don’t have to worry about puzzles in this horror game. You have to survive the night. Each creepy doll has a new way of “playing” with you, and you need to learn their habits and avoid them as much as possible. If you can survive long enough, you can finally escape this house.

7/10 Secret dead

It is always disturbing to know that you are in a house where a murder has taken place. It’s the premise of Dead Secret, where you visit the house of a recently deceased reclusive professor, convinced that someone killed them. You must put on your detective hat and uncover the truth behind the professor’s mysterious death.

All is not as it seems in this spooky house. There’s a cloaked figure chasing you, strange devices disturb your subconscious, and plenty of puzzles add to the tension of this atmospheric horror game. Not only is Dead Secret packed with spooky moments, it also has an intriguing story that leads to multiple endings. If you dare to revisit the house, you can try to unlock them all.

6/10 Sylvia 2

Sylvio 2 follows Juliette Waters, who finds herself waking up in an abandoned apartment as she searches for her boyfriend, Jonathan. Fortunately, she has her ghost recording equipment which helps her out of the apartment and beyond. The game has quite a spooky atmosphere as you explore various apartments and houses. Recording equipment allows you to see and hear the dark ghosts around you. Each spirit also has its own story to discover.

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Even without jumpscares, the Sylvio game series creates an engaging experience. Knowing that ghosts linger nearby, just out of sight without your recording device, sends shivers down your spine as you play. What could you discover if you had the same recorder at home?

5/10 Don’t knock twice

With a short playtime, Don’t Knock Twice is a great choice for horror game beginners. You play as a mother trying to save her daughter before it’s too late. To do this, she must learn more about a terrifying witch who haunts a large mansion. You will explore different rooms, often by candlelight to light the way.

The game is full of puzzles and scary encounters that will make you glad you don’t live in this scary house. Don’t Knock Twice was meant to be played in VR to really amp up the horror of the experience.

4/10 Among the sleep

Being home alone at night can be a little scary, but being alone when you’re just a toddler is even scarier. Your mother has disappeared and you must explore your house to try to find her. Unfortunately, all is not as it seems, as your nightmares begin to merge with reality.

You and your plush companion must navigate each nightmarish world while searching for your mother, solving challenges along the way. Each level has a different scary monster that you need to avoid, like a witch in an overgrown house. Among The Sleep will take you back to being a nervous kid scared of bedtime in the dark.

3/10 Mirror layers

Mirror Layers shows how spooky a house can be. You are invited to explore the abandoned apartment 12, but you may not make it out alive. In this confusing apartment, you have to solve different puzzles if you want to hope to escape. To solve these puzzles, you must venture into mirror reality. A terrifying kingdom haunted by a demonic creature.

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Mirror Layers has truly unique gameplay, as you can remove puzzle pieces from the game and save them to your computer. You can then join an online group to discuss each mystery and send keys and clues to help others. It gives a sense of togetherness as you continue to explore this spooky abode.

2/10 Layers of fear

In Layers Of Fear, you play as a struggling artist obsessed with finishing his Magnum Opus. You’ve barely left your posh Victorian home, but can’t focus on completing your art. Instead, the rest of the house calls out to you, inviting you to explore.

The house in Layers Of Fear is constantly changing, becoming more and more twisted with each chapter of the game. As the psychedelic horror story unfolds, you will quickly become addicted to exploring this terrifying house. There are multiple endings to discover, so be sure to replay this spooky game multiple times to unlock them all.

1/10 Face

Face is about exploring a house with a pretty gruesome history. The more you explore the different rooms, the more you discover the truth about this cursed house. Each piece tells a story because Face mixes fear and narration. The whole house and its ghostly entities will continually disturb you. It takes what could have been an ordinary house and makes it utterly terrifying.

Face creates the suspense perfectly. You will be nervous throughout the game as the tension builds and builds. You might want to read a few tips before trying out this terrifying game, but it’s definitely worth checking out this Halloween.

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