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Billboards are most popular when they include a well-known brand name or a recognizable mascot. Sometimes a sign does not have a name or brand attached, but there is no doubt what it is for.

This three-dimensional carved and painted wooden pig’s head with glass eyes was made for a butcher shop. It sold at Cowan’s auction in Cincinnati for $ 3,125. The buyer may be a collector of advertising and store furniture, may have an interest in the meat industry, or may have recognized the value of pork as an interesting folk art work. The head is detailed, with wrinkles where the muzzle rises, teeth and a tongue visible in the open mouth. It took a great deal of skill for the unknown artist to sculpt and paint such a realistic drawing.

Question: I was recently given 63 books from the Little Leather Library Corporation in New York. The collection includes a variety of classics, such as Shakespeare’s plays, “Arabian Nights”, “The Christmas Story”, and more. The books are in fairly good condition considering their age, but are quite yellowed. I am curious about them and interested in their value.

A: The brothers Charles and Albert Boni had the idea for miniature books around 1914. They founded The Little Leather Library Corporation with Max Sackheim and Harry Scherman, two advertisers. A miniature book of one of Shakespeare’s plays was first sealed with chocolate in Whitman Library Package boxes in 1916. Woolworth has sold over one million copies of Little Leather Library books for 10 cents each in 1917. The books were also sold in other departments. stores, pharmacies and by post.

Books were made with synthetic covers during World War I, when leather was difficult to obtain. The Little Leather Library eventually included over 100 classic titles in the public domain. By 1920, over 25 million books had been sold. Robert K. Haas, Inc. took over the company in 1924 and publication of new titles ceased. Books are sold in sets or individually for around $ 2 each, depending on title and condition.

Question: What is the value of a healthy aluminum Christmas tree? It is 5 feet tall.

A: Save your aluminum tree. It is worth over $ 400. Aluminum Christmas trees were popular in the 1960s. The wire branches, wrapped in narrow strips of aluminum to represent “needles,” came in individual paper sleeves to protect them when stored. If the branches are not inserted into the handles first when disassembling the tree, the “needles” twist and crease. Since the lights cannot be hung from the tree, aluminum trees were usually lit by a spinning color wheel at the base.

The Aluminum Specialty Co. of Manitowoc, Wisconsin made the first aluminum shafts in 1959. Several other manufacturers made them in the 1960s and millions were made. The first trees had foldable tripod bases. The trees were made of silver, gold, and several other colors, but silver was the most popular. Reproductions and new aluminum shafts were made.

The value of a vintage aluminum tree depends on the size (height and number of branches), desirability and condition. Some people like “Pom Pom” trees that have branches with splayed ends resembling pompoms, while others prefer trees with more realistic branches. A 6 foot Sparkler pom-pom tree with 91 pom-tipped branches, original box and handles recently sold for $ 461. A 6 foot tree with 49 “realistic” branches and a color wheel sold for $ 202. And a 7-foot tree with 154 lifelike branches and a plastic stand sold for $ 461.

Question: How much is a John Wayne “Symbol of the West” doll worth in the original box? It is the second in Effanbee’s Legend series and was released in 1981.

A: The Effanbee Doll company was founded by Bernard Fleischaker and Hugo Baum in 1910. The company name is an acronym formed from the initials of the founders’ family names. Effanbee introduced the Legend series, limited dolls depicting historical figures or famous figures from film and television, in 1980. A new doll was released each year. Two John Wayne dolls were included in the series, your “Symbol of the West” doll in 1981 and John Wayne “Guardian of the West” in 1982. Effanbee went bankrupt in 2002 and was purchased by Tonner Dolls. It closed in 2018. John Wayne dolls like yours sell for up to $ 50 if they are in mint condition in the original box.

Question: How much is a Villeroy & Boch tumbler worth? There is an image of a maid holding a pitcher in one hand and a plate with what looks like a partridge on it in the other hand. The word “Wohlbekomm’s” is printed on it. It bears the Villeroy & Boch brand and “1025, Geschutz” and an incised “2327”.

A: The Villeroy & Boch Pottery in Mettlach was founded in 1836 when two pottery pieces belonging to François Boch and Nicolas Villeroy were merged. Pottery is known for its famous Mettlach tankards. The number “2327” is the form number and “1025” is the design number. The German word “Wohlbekomm’s” translates to “Although it is. “Geschutzt” means “protected” (similar to “registered”). Villeroy & Boch tumblers sell at stein auctions and online for around $ 80 to $ 120.

TRICK: If the name “England” (or that of another country) appears on a dish, it was probably made after 1891, but it is possible that it was made as early as 1887. The words “Made in England” (or from another country) indicate the coin was made after 1914.

Terry kovel and Kim kovel are union columnists.

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