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A Porterville woman has her dream job and gets paid to do what she loves to do: be herself. Plus, she can hang out and make videos with some of the biggest stars in hip-hop and rap, including multi-platinum, award-winning Cypress Hill.

2011 Porterville High School graduate Ilene Campos is now known professionally as the “Green Queen” and Eyelene on social media. She can be found as “The Official Green Queen” on Instagram, where she has over 70,200 followers, and as “The Official Green Queennn” on Tik Tok, with nearly 100,000 followers. One of his Tik Tok videos, featuring actor Danny Trejo, has over 23 million views.

He loves me,” the green queen said. “I made this video in his backyard.”

A model since she was 16, Eyelene said she never tried to be the center of attention in high school, but as a Virgo she was friendly and outgoing, and always kind and humble.

It’s really cool. My modeling is in the cannabis industry – modeling everything from glasses to vaping,” Eyelene said. “I think it’s important to educate everyone about marijuana. It’s new and it’s legal now. This shouldn’t be treated as a bad thing.

Now the model and social media influencer, who also appears in a video with Trejo – which has nearly 25 million views – is now getting her very own ‘Homie’, a two-inch plastic collectible figure created by David Gonzales that represent an array of Mexican-American characters.

Gonzalez followed her on social media, liked her photos and reached out to her, manager/fiancé Raymond Rincon Facio said.

He liked my photos and contacted me. He bought my pictures and made a DGA (David Gonzalez Art) t-shirt,” Eyelene said, adding that it would be weird to see his shirt on different people. “I would say, ‘It’s me.’ Some people were asking to be photographed with me. This is my favorite t-shirt to date. It’s really cool.”

“But it’s not like she was lucky,” Rincon Facio said. “Eylene had worked hard before that.

She does a lot of work. She works hard. She networks a lot, takes a lot of photos, photo shoots and videos. We think DGA saw her through Danny Trejo and Baby Bash Instagram (sites) and thought she was perfect for his clothing line,” Rincon Facio said.

Eyelene said her own family had collected Homies and exhibited some, and her stepfather had “bags of them”.

Now the owner of the Homies says he wants me in Series 14,” Eyelene said. “It’s a new Homies introduction but this series has Vicente Fernandez, Cesar Chavez, Cholofit Creeper (Frankie Quinones) and me. I’m truly honored. I feel like I’m part of a legend.

This time, however, there will also be 8-inch prototypes of the Homies available for purchase, the Green Queen said, and they premiered at the Low Rider Los Angeles Super Show held on March 20. at the Long Beach Convention Center.

I love it. It’s awesome,” she said of her prototype.

Although she’s not completely ready to be transformed into a tiny Homie doll, the prototype is her, wearing a black hoodie and green striped shorts, standing tall and smoking from a smoking device. water pipe filtration used for smoking marijuana. Behind her is a large marijuana leaf.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw her and held her,” Eyelene said of her “mini me” figurine. They still have work to do, she’ll have more eyelashes and look more like me.

But what’s not to like, says Rincon Facio.

She is a model and loves to smoke cannabis – a beautiful girl who smokes cannabis. What’s not to like?” he said. “It’s a vibe. It’s entertainment and people like to see new products.

In the meantime, the green queen is working on her branding and will soon have her own website. Once the Homie is ready, Eyelene said she will place information on her Instagram and Tik Tok social sites telling people how to get the Homie.

The Green Queen is friends with Snoop Dogg and has many famous actors who follow her on social media, including Conejo, a rapper from the movie “Tax Collector”, and Trejo.

She works hard. She’s always networked – that’s the name of the game,” Rincon Facio said. “The doors are open and she is constantly expanding her audience. It’s a whole other adventure and once (the Homies) come out, it’s going to be even crazier.

Eyelene opened up about the moment she got a call from DoBoy, offering her $400 to attend a rally in Los Angeles.

He offered me $400 just to be there. We couldn’t believe it,” she said. “From there, it kind of took off.”

From then on, that number became the minimum wage for appearances, Rincon Facio said.

Now I earn 1300 a day (by participating) just for being myself. I socialize and talk with the guests,” the Green Queen said. “I hope everyone sees me with Snoop Dogg soon. I asked him and he said he was okay with that.

It shows that you can really do something you love and make it great. I’m doing something I love,” she said of smoking cannabis. “At first it was like a reward after work and after cleaning the house. And I’ve always loved recording myself taking a hit. People like to see that. »

Among her paid gigs, she said, are the Kushstock Cannabis Industries Festival held in April in Palm Springs; the Hall of Flowers Festival, May 4-5; and be a USC brand ambassador for students interested in entering the billion-dollar cannabis industry.

People don’t realize how big it is,” she said. “They even have their own on-campus delivery system for students.”

The Green Queen is also in a Showtime documentary featuring Estevan Oriol – the famous photographer who has photographed many famous athletes, artists, celebrities and musicians, including Al Pacino, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Eminem, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West – and Eyelene. His work has been featured in select galleries and institutions, including the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Additionally, he is known for directing several music videos for rock and hip-hop artists, and has a partnership with Mister Cartoon for Joker brand clothing. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone, The Source, Complex, GQ, FHM, Vibe and many more.

I was modeling for him one day and he said he was shooting a documentary and asked if I would be in it,” Eyelene said. “He’s a legend to me. He has the LA Originals documentary on Netflix and (the book) This is Los Angeles.

The published book is filled with photographs of dangerous gangsters, low riders, musicians, celebrities and beautiful women.

He sees potential in me. He took me under his wing,” Eyelene said. “It’s an honor to work with him.”

Eyelene said she attended the premiere of her new documentary “Insane in the Brain” on April 21 – a huge event with plenty of celebrities.

I’m used to this sort of thing. It was a party. It was cool,” she said. “And I made a good relationship.”

She talked about how easy it is to reach out to people and introduce herself as the Green Queen, which is how she entered a video four years ago with rapper/singer Baby Bash and Frankie J, a former member of the musical group Kumbia Kings.

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