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EXTRA TIME IN THE CUTTING ROOM — One of music’s rising stars is Ashley Suppa, 19; who released her self-titled EP last year that set critics’ ears on fire. The 8 titles written and interpreted by her have just electrified the airwaves. His PR-man put me on it and it became a very favorite choice here.

Steve Walter & Ashley Suppa @ The Cutting Room (Photo by Jeff Smith/Reflections)

Monday night at Steve Walter’s cutting room it debuted in New York and the SRO crowd loved it. We loved all the tracks on the EP, but ‘King’, ‘Trouble’ and ‘Half Of The Time’ are our favorites and last night live they are even stronger. A very capable 6 piece band led by its producer Alex Salzman, was simply excellent.

With new material in the works, look for his name in the next year Grammys.

Besides, the expected new week, a major endorsement deal for the 19-year-old. Stay tuned.

Seen in the mix were industry gunslingers Adam Pollack; Ed Steinberg; Mark Scheerer; Billy Amendola; Susan Russo; Ki Jung Media Peter Sackman and his PR David Salidor.

Elton John

ELTON MY ELTON — Elton’s last American date on his Farewell yellow brick road is this Saturday in LA at Dodger Stadium. I saw Goodbye tour in 2018, if you can believe it, at Madison Square Garden, sat next to Bill and Hillary Clinton, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Just wonderful.

I must have seen at least 30 shows of him, all over from New York to Cincinnati and he’s just a force of nature.

Names like Tony King; John Reid; Ray Cooper; Jane Ayer; Russ Regan; Dino Barbis; Pierre Gideon; Sharon Lawrence; Norman Winter and Ray D’Ariano come to mind when thinking of Elton’s universe. I have never met someone quite like Elton and probably never will again. What he brought to the world musically was huge.

It’s not going away and something tells me the best is yet to come.

SHORT TAKES – Hard to believe Disney’s The Lion King turned 25 last week (11/13/77). I had the privilege of being at the opening and I was eliminated. I had never seen anything like it before. Julie Taymor’s production simply extraordinary. Just wonderful …

Micky Dolenz; David Wild and Phil Rosenthal

This naked lunch podcast by Phil Rosenthal and David Wild, featuring posts by Micky Dolenz this Thursday. Here is the link:

Liz Smith

Last week was the fifth anniversary of the death of The Duchess Liz Smith. She was definitely the great lady celebrity intrigues. If she didn’t like it, she just didn’t write about it. She has always been nice to me and a doll to work with. Mary Jo and Denis in her office were the best…

NAMES IN THE NEWS — Tom and Lisa Cuddy; Taylor race; Scott Shannon; Heather Moore; Lush Ice; Art Rutter; Markos Papdatos; Thomas Silverman; Don Wardel; Dell pickers; Teddy Thumpers; Shep Pettibone; Larry Levan; Alan Vega; Mike Suppa; Maria Milito; Andrew Sandoval; Kent Kotal; Jane Blunkell; CW Hanes; Kent Denmark; and CHIP.

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