The eccentric place where Gary Oldman slept while filming Dracula

Gary oldman He is always committed to his work and leaves everything behind in search of good unforgettable roles. Although it took him six decades to win a Oscar, his career is full of excellent work, such as those carried out in Leon, the professional, or the trilogy of Batman of Christophe nolan. In 1992, the actor was chosen by Francis Ford Coppola put yourself in the shoes of a mythical character.

In the early 90, Gary oldman star Dracula, film inspired by the work of Bram stoker which featured a cast full of booming characters, such as Keanu reeves and Winona Cavalier. One of the artists who was part of the cast was Cary Elwes, who in an interview with Hollywood journalist He recalled very specific details of this shoot.

The actress said that to put herself in the shoes of Dracula, the most famous vampire in literature, Gary oldman slept every night of the shoot in a coffin. Like the book of Driver, Count Dracula he rested in one each night, so the act imitated him to better capture the essence. Part of the idea would have been Coppola, who also made another drastic decision during the days of filming.

Elwes revealed that at the director’s request, the entire cast slept in a guesthouse separate from Gary oldman, who spent his nights alone. Francis believes that the more time the cast spends together, this translates to onscreen “the actress explained. “So he made all the hunters live on the same property while the poor Gary had to live alone ”, he condemned.

Other cases of method players like Gary Oldman

At Hollywood it is full of artists who choose a role and play it even when the cameras are not on, so as not to lose authenticity. One of the most recent is that of Kirsten dunst and Benedict Cumberbatch, who did not speak to each other during the filming of The power of the dogbecause their characters hated each other. You can also cite the cases of Ryan gosling to Lars and the real girl, who treated her inflatable doll like she was a real woman, already Christian bale, who even repaired his teeth before riding American psychopath, to live up to the hedonism that characterizes Patrick bateman.

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