‘The Boys’ just dropped its first three episodes from S3 and here are 5 reasons to make it your weekend jam.

Alright alright mate, look what we got here! Who would have thought that this world would have to be saved from superheroes? We didn’t, until a jaded Englishman came along and held up a mirror of our toxic obsession with these narcissistic (head-banging) fiends.

But the last two seasons of Amazon Prime VideoThe satirical superhero saga, “The Boys”, made it clear that Billy Butcher would not have been able to succeed without his gang. And in season 3, they waste no time blowing down the bloody gates to foil all the lucrative and sinister superhero business once again. The first three episodes of the series are out and it’s bloodier, funnier, and overall five notches crazier this time around. Nonetheless, we’re listing 5 reasons why “The Boys” Season 3 should be your jam this weekend.

1. Billy and Hughie’s resilient bond.

The two disagree on a lot of things. But that never interferes with their natural instinct to guard each other. It’s almost like a curious case of telepathic brothers that we have here with Billy Butcher and Hughie Campbell of Karl Urban and Jack Quaid. While maintaining their mentor-mentee dynamic, Season 3 gives us endearing moments where the guys finally throw in the towel and have a heart-to-heart with each other. While it doesn’t come without quick bursts of pride, you can see the love for each other shine through their bruised faces, which is kind of adorable.

2. Um, hello? Jensen Ackles joins the cast!

“The Boys” sees one of the biggest additions to its cast this season with Jensen Ackles. We’re not kidding you, but these are the dreamiest eyes on the most beautiful face we’ve ever seen belonging to an anti-hero. Not to say too much about him on the show, but it looks like Homelander has finally met his match in Ackles’ supe character, Soldier Boy. From how the plot built up her strong and powerful personality in the first three episodes, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of that pretty face in the upcoming episodes, and God willing, even seasons.

3. Twists will always give you chills.

The show contains gore, blood, laughter, and grimace quite seamlessly. We’ve seen a weightlifter build a Vermont dollhouse for his daughter, supes unleash their fury and leave a wake of bodies in seconds, and a kid summon unnatural superpowers and take down a villain attacking his mother. You’d expect to get used to it by Season 3, but the unpredictable plot twists still have the power to shock you. That says a lot about how hard the writers went to keep the show fresh and engaging.

4. The exciting array of celebrity cameos.

And what’s the fun without a few elements of surprise thrown in here and there? The show shocks and surprises with both its violence and its stream of numerous celebrity cameos out of nowhere. And we’re not complaining at all. These guest appearances (we obviously don’t tell you who duh!) is the icing on the cake of the series’ thundering power. There have already been three big cameos and we are only three episodes away. No wonder we’re having a hard time waiting for the other episodes to come out.

5. Performances!

While for many the USP of the show is the punches, blood and gore action, for many of us it’s still about the performances. Right now, it literally looks like Karl Urban can work his way through his portrayal of Billy Butcher. He is perfect ! And watching Hughie this season, you’ll realize just how much Jack Quaid has grown as an actor, portraying his awkwardness as Billy’s boss perfectly in the early episodes. But the one that stands out is Antony Starr as the all-powerful Homelander, who, given the circumstances, isn’t in the best place. And Antoine not only brings out his character’s frustration, but also manages to make us feel bad for him.

So whether you have real plans this weekend or not, here’s your queue to join Billy and his gang in saving the world from evil supes. Season 3 of ‘The Boys’ is now streaming Amazon Prime Video.

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