The 15 Best Travel Accessories of 2022

Whether you’re flying to a foreign country or piling into the car for a road trip, it doesn’t make much difference; packing will always be the worst part of your trip. (Until, of course, you get home and have to unpack, but that’s a subject for another article.) You can always invest in some of the best travel accessories to make the process a little easier. less painful, however. Trust us, you need these organizational items as much as several pairs of underwear and a toothbrush.

Often people confuse travel accessories with clutter, like just another thing to add to their packing list and make room for in their luggage. This is a myth that we would like to demystify. Granted, travel accessories are an extra investment and they will take up a bit of space in your travel bag, but, in the end, these items will help give you peace of mind. For example, you can buy toiletry containers that are already TSA compliant, saving you time and effort fiddling with bottles and double, triple, and quadruple checking for maximum fluid ounces. . Makeup bags and charging cord organizers also exist to ensure these types of valuables don’t get lost, crushed, or irretrievably tangled.

So what are the best travel accessories you should take to and from your destination? Well, it ultimately depends on what you pack. Ahead, we’re rounding up compartments, travel devices, and tools designed to better organize your life when lived in a suitcase. We promise you will thank us later.

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Ideal for road trips


Car trash can


Best TSA Approved Toilet Holders


Set of six Weekender capsules


Ideal for minimizing volume

All travel belts


Best Toothbrush Protector


Clip-on toothbrush guard


The best travel-friendly hair dryer

dry bar

Baby Buttercup hair dryer


Best Travel Sleep Set

barefoot dreams

Wild eye mask, socks and scrunchie travel set


Best Luggage Scales


luggage scale


Best Travel Jewelry Organizer

Travel outside

The jewelry box


Best Travel Laundry Bag


Travel bag Wash me


Best Phone Cord Organizer


Shockproof Charger Carrying Case


Best Travel Hand Sanitizer

Pinch provisions

Hand sanitizer keychain


Ideal for bad weather

Béis Tourist attractions

Foldable poncho


Escapade Passport Holder – Look forward not back


Ideal for smartphone users

I walk

Mini portable charger for iPhone with integrated cable


Ideal for in-flight entertainment

Shop All Beats

Fit Pro True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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