Snow removal of northern roads after a snowstorm

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – As crews continue to clear upstate roads of snow and ice, some people said they were happy to be behind the wheel again, after spent a few days at home.

“It’s refreshing because we had a bit of cabin fever being locked in the house,” said upstate resident Kristen Sutherland. “The snow was nice and we enjoyed it because we have property and we ran and played there, but we were ready to come back downtown,” she said. “We love Greenville, so we come about once a week. So we were happy to leave.

Sutherland lives in Anderson County and came to downtown Greenville on Tuesday to take a walk with her friend and their dogs.

“I was a little nervous when she first suggested the idea just because our back patio was still very icy and it was like a skating rink, that’s what I told her, but I told her. said I was going to try and see how it was once I pulled out of our driveway and everything was so clear,” Sutherland said. “I had no concerns at the time,” she said. “I haven’t really seen any problems driving on the main roads. Now on back roads it might be a different story. I only had to tackle a side road which is the road we live on and it was main roads and everything was very well done as far as cleaning goes. So I have no concerns about that,” Sutherland said.

The snow couldn’t stop Trent Palmer from riding. Palmer traveled from another part of the state to get in on the action.

“I wanted to see snow. Where I’m from we haven’t had any snow, and I wanted to take a day to enjoy it,” Palmer said.

Melanie Lezama works at Blueberry Frog in downtown Greenville. Lezama said she was happy to see people come out.

“It’s really nice because I felt like we were kind of like a quarantine like in a mini-quarantine, and so it’s really nice to be back and open and see people , to no longer be stuck at home. “Yeah, there were definitely a lot more cars today than the last few days,” Lezama said. “We were closed for three days.

Claudia Nodal, a mother of two elementary school students, basically said snow is a love-hate thing.

“Yeah there’s a part of me that’s like oh my god it’s gonna be a little hard because I’m working half the day but like I don’t have a job now and now we’re gonna have fun and check out some of the beauty of it,” Nodal said.

Since Greenville County schools are now hosting an online learning day on Wednesday, Nodal said she was a bit frustrated. The district said it was a day of online learning due to ice and snow on the roads surrounding the majority of schools, as well as forecasts of extremely low temperatures overnight.

“I’m very lucky because I work from home in the medical field. So I can be a bit there and not there, but for other parents it must be really difficult,” Nodal said. “Yeah, it’s a little frustrating in a way,” she said. “I think I would prefer to go to school in person. I think she’s learning more and it’s just better for her social life,” Nodal said.

Overall, some said people say it all comes with the season, adding that everyone should be careful what’s left.

“It’s winter you know. Cold brings freezing and you just have to be prepared, be smart and watch what you are doing. That’s the most important thing,” Palmer said. “I think some of the rural roads are going to be a bit icy. I don’t think the main roads will be a big deal, but some of these side streets and stuff. Yeah, it’s still pretty wet here, and it can get pretty slick, I’ll be careful here,” Palmer said.

A Greenville County spokesperson said some shaded areas in rural communities are still problematic, but said the county will assess its roads Wednesday at sunrise. The spokesperson said the roads maintained by the county are secondary roads many of which are in rural areas, adding that many key roads are those of SCDOT or the City of Greenville.

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