Showers in the wind to snowflakes in the rain

The bottom line

The forecast for the last ten days of 2021 is quite volatile. Most days there will be rain showers and temperatures below or equal to normal.


We start the day with quite disgusting and uncomfortable weather. Showers and drizzle dampened the condition. However, with the exception of the far north of NJ (Sussex County), temperatures are above zero. So it’s all wet, not wintry.

Around 9 or 10 in the morning, the raindrops will leave the coast and we will start to dry up. The sun will appear at noon and in the afternoon.

However, we will also be under the influence of a stronger cold blow until Wednesday afternoon. So it’s going to get windy, with potential gusts of around 30mph. So bright, but windy.

Wednesday night seems pretty cold, with a twenties widespread Thursday morning. Thermometers will likely dip into teens in the cooler corners of the state. And with a continuous cold breeze, you’ll be bitten by the teenage wind chill as well.


Usually sunny, dry and cold. High temperatures will struggle to reach even 40 degrees, which is about five below normal for the end of December.

A boost will slip into New Jersey from Thursday night to Thursday night. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect:
—From 5 p.m. Thursday.
—Duration until 5 am on Friday.
– It’s going to be weak, so we can cope with showers as well as possible.
—Temperatures will likely be cold enough for a full snow situation.
—The best chance for snowflakes will be in the northern third to half of New Jersey.
—I don’t see the threat of heavy build-up (more than dusting or coating), or major travel headaches.
– Snowflakes can last until early Friday morning. It’s Christmas Eve. Ohhhh, magical Christmas snowflakes.

Friday (Christmas Eve)

As we have discussed, the chances of a real White Christmas are very low this year. (Defined as 1+ inch of snow on the ground the night before or during the day.)

After the snow showers and early morning snow flurries have ended before dawn, we should have quite a pleasant and seasonal weather for Christmas Eve. Periods of sun and clouds, a light westerly breeze and dry weather. High temperatures in the middle of the upper 40s.

Saturday (Christmas day)

Not the best Christmas day, with rain to tell. (Hope Santa brings you an umbrella!)

But it will not be a total wash. There will be nothing too heavy. And we are once again talking about wet weather, not winter.

The model’s indications are not quite clear on when the potential raindrops will occur – some outlook shows more persistent rains throughout the day, and some paint on a reserved day with downpours. I prefer the latter solution – the best chance of rain showers would be early and late on Saturday. Otherwise, it will be cloudy and gloomy. High temperatures will range from the lower 40s in northern Jersey to the lower, mild 50s in southern Jersey.

Extended forecast

As I mentioned above, the forecast looks volatile as we approach the last week of the year. More clouds than clear. More rainy days than otherwise. Maybe some chance of snow, especially in the colder north of Jersey. And temperatures generally at or below normal.

I’m just not comfortable enough to give day-to-day perspectives for next week just yet. But, of course, with many trips and continuing holiday festivities, the forecast remains very important. As always, we’ll let you know if anything dramatic develops.

Having said that, I am leaving for the Christmas holidays for a few days. Unless bad weather hits, I’ll be back online and on the air on Monday, December 27th. No matter what and how you celebrate, I hope you and your family have a safe and happy holiday!

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