Shadow House Season 2 teaser sends shivers down your spine

The dread is back and this time the action and suspense are at their peak in the new Shadow House Season 2 teaser.

Shadow House had the anime industry nail-biting when it dropped last year for an incredible backlash amid a season full of amazing anime.

Shadow House Season 2 Trailer

The teaser for the new Shadow House season 2 is wildly haunted, with Emilico and Kate being pushed into another mystery about the big house and its inhabitants.

The teaser features other shadows who live on the same floor as Kate and the others. A mysterious entity hidden behind a dress appears in the trailer and the second season poster is going to be the mystery of the second season.

The essence of the shadow house

Shadow House has a unique concept and story that reminds us of the main story beats of other anime like The Promised Neverland. Set in an aristocratic society of beings who appear to be shadows who designate humans as their slaves, calling them dolls and substituting them for their faces.

The irony of the show is that shadow people call humans shadows of themselves. This also leads to speculation about the title of the show, does the shadow point to shadow people or is it humans who are called shadows?

The story follows an aristocrat named Kate, who has just come of age and is given a doll, which she names Emilico. Emilico is a joyful, frank and curious doll, the complete opposite of the shy and silent Kate.

But over time, they bond with each other and understand each other’s roles, but despite their different personalities, Kate and Emilico are free spirits who want to explore the world as they see fit.

The ever so curious Emilico wanders places she shouldn’t and talks to people she shouldn’t, inviting more attention. As Kate develops her soot power in her room, which she displays in the exams shocking all the judges.

Love Outpouring for Shadow House Season 2

The dormant hit of the Spring 2021 season, Shadow House has since garnered accolades and become one of this year’s most anticipated releases. This praise for the show comes after most viewers of the first season dove headfirst into the manga that the anime adapted.

The fans are into it and it’s crazy how much attention this anime is gaining on the internet, when anime like 86, Vivy and Odd Taxi came out.

It will be interesting if the anime is able to capture the essence that the previous season was able to hit in different ways. It scared and intrigued every viewer in an organic way that manga is also a master at.

When the trailer and eventual release date are released, you can be sure to get all that information right here at The Teal Mango.

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