Rochester transit changes are just days away

Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) – Big changes are coming for those who use Rochester Public Transit.

The city-operated transportation provider will launch a new schedule for all routes on June 5.

At the same time, there will be changes to the downtown RPS hub.

Three stops located on 2nd Ave SW are redirected to stops on 2nd St SW. Two new stops are also created to facilitate the change. This will bring the number of stops along 2nd St. between S Broadway and 4 Ave SW to seven.

Downtown changes are underway due to the 2nd Ave road project which will be worked through the summer. RPS says “All customers should be aware that their typical journey times will change and city center bus stop locations may be different.”

RPS adds this information:

A new downtown transit hub map and timetables for each route are posted on the RPT website. Printed schedules will be available on RPT buses by June 5. Because the changes are widespread, all RPT customers should review the new information and plan accordingly. in order to avoid travel problems that these changes may cause.

Visit for more information or call 507-328-RIDE (7433) with questions.

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