President Biden and first lady honor Buffalo victims [PHOTO]

The city of Buffalo continues to mourn the senseless tragedy that unfolded last Saturday.

10 people lost their lives and three others were injured when a gunman opened fire on a Tops on Jefferson Avenue.

The tragedy made national headlines as the rest of the country sent support and love to the families and friends of the victims, as well as the Buffalo community.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden toured Buffalo and the stage at Jefferson Ave.

Air Force One flew into Buffalo airport Tuesday morning as President Biden toured the scene in Jefferson, and also spent time with families of victims and first responders. He will speak at a press conference this afternoon in the city of Buffalo.

WIVB’s Nick Veronica shared this incredible photo of Biden and First Lady Jill Biden honoring the victims at a roadside memorial.

The tragedy has prompted an outpouring of donations from residents of Buffalo and Western New York, as well as those who don’t live here, and local businesses contributing what they can to those in need. need.

FeedMore WNY has partnered with the WNY Resource Council, Erie County, City of Buffalo and the Johnnie B. Wiley Lodge to provide food to the community as the Tops is still closed due to an active investigation.

You can find donation locations and times here.

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