Platinum Jubilee Barbie Queen Sells Out In Three Seconds | Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Both the Queen and Barbie are icons, so the combination was sure to be hot property – now a special Platinum Jubilee doll has sold out and been bidding fiercely on eBay.

John Lewis said his stock of the £95 doll sold out in three seconds, and most eBay sellers are now hoping to sell the sought-after collectible for at least double that.

The toy is the latest product in a lucrative royal memorabilia industry that covers everything from fine china to teddy bears, tea towels to fridge magnets, and gets in on the action around major royal events like jubilees and the marriages.

In recent years Barbie, who has also had a long reign and is now in her early 60s, has sought to prove that she is more than a fashion plate, with a parallel turmoil among inspiring women such as Florence Nightingale , Helen Keller and Maya Angelou. .

The doll’s face has been sculpted to resemble that of the Queen, and Barbie’s famous blonde hair has been replaced with a severe gray hairstyle topped with a tiara inspired by the one she wore on her wedding day.

The outfit is also a nod to the look favored by the Queen in royal portraits – an ivory dress with a blue ribbon pinned with miniature medallions modeled after royal family orders. The effect is completed by a “premium” box which represents the doll against a backdrop of a throne and a red carpet inspired by the throne room of Buckingham Palace.

Mattel, which makes Barbie dolls, confirmed the limited edition doll was sold out in the UK, but hinted more could be released ahead of next month’s celebrations.

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