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DEC. November 11, 1952

Thieves take security

A safe weighing more than 400 pounds and containing approximately $1,000 in currency and cash was stolen from William Branscum’s store on Highway 80 West about four miles west of Somerset on Friday evening. County agents found no trace of the safe or the thieves.

Busy Cundiff Brothers

Cundiff Brothers leased the first floor of the Smith Building on the Square, the property formerly occupied by Denney, Murrell and Ramsey Undertaking Company. A new floor is being built and the property, which stretches from The Square to East Columbia Street, will be completely remodeled. The trading house will be used as an appliance store. The current Cundiff Brothers jewelry store will be completely renovated and air-conditioned.

Polio care is expensive

The Pulaski County Chapter of the Polio Foundation received $1,300 to apply toward Pulaski County patient treatment and care bills for 1952. Due to the many cases in the county that year, the expenses of taking care Pulaski’s patient load was unusually high.

Business school sold

Virgil E. Young, Lexington, owner of Fugazzi Business College, purchased Somerset’s Rogers School of Business.

Rogers School has served Somerset and surrounding communities well for 36 years.

Science Hill Flight

Mrs. Susan Baker’s store, on the highway. 27 just north of Science Hill, was burglarized Sunday night. The thieves reportedly used a truck to transport their loot.

Duvets, coats, canned goods, an electric hot plate, an electric iron and a Victrola were stolen along with potatoes and onions.

Here is the workaround

Construction of a Somerset Bypass on Highway 27 at a cost of $500,000 would feature in the 1953 Kentucky Highway Budget.

To go up

The total property assessment in Pulaski County in 1952 was $14,154,645. Up from $13,868,585 in 1951.

Hislopes serve


Pfc. Sim K. Hislope, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hislope, formerly of Delmer, is with the Marines on the Korean front. He is the brother of Ernest Hislope, who has been in the Navy for 10 years. The Hislopes left Delmer 14 years ago.

In a flash

Flash Gordon spacesuit just $4.98 at Firestone.

Hi ho (not much) money

Lone Ranger holster set at 77 cents at Firestone.

Nancy shines

The Nancy High Dragons were impressive beating Pine Knot 62-44.

Coffey means


Visit Coffey Paint and Wallpaper Company, “where painting is a business, not a side hustle.”

cream field

A field of oats near Freedom Church, about 10 miles north of Somerset on US 27, was generously bathed in cream when a box truck left the freeway and overturned. The accident happened during a race. The truck, which was traveling north, was nearly demolished and sour cream was mixed with rain over much of the field.

I can’t hold them Tigers

Front all the way, Shopville beat Ferguson 60 to 49, to Ferguson.

Parkey led the Tigers with 19 points, while Ferguson’s Jennings was the leading scorer with 20 points.

bible lesson

The Reverend John S. Parks, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, advised Lions Club members to judge the Revised Standard Bible as a book and not by a single passage.

Parks was the speaker at the weekly civic club meeting.

According to Parks, the Revised Version of the Bible has a dual purpose: it simplifies the Bible so that everyone can read and understand it; and he brought men of many different faiths and faiths together in a unified cause.

“Too many of us,” Parks said, “have come to believe that buying a Bible and keeping it in our homes is enough to preserve and pursue its principles. However, in recent years many people are put back to reading the Bible in search of God.”

Parks explained the main benefit of the new version saying that “the new version of the Bible will meet the ‘Don’t judge the needs of many people who are frustrated when trying to read the Bible because they cannot read it. to understand “.

Due to the controversy over the book, Parks urged everyone to be impartial in judging him. “Don’t judge the new version by a single passage. Instead, read it and judge the book as a whole.”

Marriage Licenses

Doyle M. Cook, Norfleet, and Betty Jean Coe, Naomi.

Vertrées l. Roberts, Faubush and Uva Jean Wilson, Cains Store.

Forest William Abbott, Somerset, and Jessie D. Sears, Colo.

Bah humbug

A Christmas gift of bonuses for city employees, suggested by Councilman Ivan Kelly, was ruled out by a notice from the Kentucky attorney general’s office that such payments cannot be made from public funds.

The office said such a bounty would violate the state Constitution by using public money for services that are not actually rendered. Employees receive salaries set by the city council for their services.

joy in the air

The radio lanes between Somerset and Atlanta, Georgia were filled with Christmas greetings as Miss Doris Whittaker and her friends here exchanged greetings.

Miss Whittaker, 22, who was stricken with polio last summer when she traveled to Atlanta to find work, was too ill to write Christmas cards. Help from amateur radio operators took the place of mail.

Doris recorded her Christmas messages, and they were transmitted by an amateur radio network in Somerset, where they were picked up by Ivan Kelly’s W4TUT station. They were heard by friends who in turn waved goodbye to Miss Whittaker, with the voices being passed to the sick girl over the phone at Grady Hospital.

Somerset High Grade A

Somerset received the highest grade, Grade A, from the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

Holiday treats

Over 1,000 children and a few accompanying adults attended the Virginia Theater’s 20th Annual Christmas Party. They had free access to 90 minutes of popular cartoons. Guests were also treated as they exited the theater, receiving ice cream and comics from Southern Belle Dairy, candy and oranges from Ledford and Ellis, and chewing gum from the theater.

Change of plan

The Pulaski Tax Court granted contractor Ray Osborne permission to halt work on the Loveless School-King Bee road until weather conditions allow the project to proceed. Osborne said he was moving his equipment to the Dykes-Hail Road because he felt work could be done on that project for more of the winter.

Walt’s wish

Walt’s Restaurant in Eubank wishes all its customers a Merry Christmas.

Need for nurses

At this time of year, many high school girls in secondary schools in the community are wondering what they want to be when they finish high school.

Every citizen can help make the city hospital a better hospital by encouraging local girls to train as nurses to become registered nurses.

Sonny Boy has a new owner

Tom Baker bought the Sonny Boy Drive-In south of Somerset on the Hwy. 27 of Raymond Marcum and is fully responsible for the business. Curbside service will be provided at the drive-in, which will remain open from 8 a.m. to midnight.

one day only

“Untamed Women” plays one day only at the Virginia Theater, Saturday. A lost world of women without men.

Improvement of rural electricity

Sen. John Sherman Cooper was told Monday by the Rural Electrification Administration that it had approved a $150,000 loan for the Southern Kentucky Rural Electric Corporation headquartered here. The loan is intended to finance the installation on the farm of wiring and plumbing fixtures as well as various electrical appliances and equipment.

Big tobacco company

Nearly $2 million has been paid so far in 1952 for tobacco on the local market.

Jaycees helps orphans

The Jaycees will host a Christmas party in Somerset for 43 orphans from Beulah Heights in McCreary County. Young people will receive pocket money and their residence will receive new furniture.

Night classes

The Rogers School of Business will begin offering evening classes on January 5 with courses in secretarial, accounting and related subjects,

Doll flirts at

fire stone

Firestone is your doll headquarters. Sixteen inch tall Saucy Walker flirty walking doll $9.95.

Need a chiropractor?

Consult Dr. JF White for all your chiropractic needs.

Dollar deals

Hurry to Joseph for $1 blouses, briefs and shoes.

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