Nissin Foods Announces Price Review in Hong Kong Effective April 1, 2022

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Stock code: 1475

Nissin Foods Announces Hong Kong Price Review

Effective April 1, 2022

(Hong Kong, March 22, 2022) Nissin Foods Company Limited (“Nissin Foods”, and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; stock code: 1475) will increase the ex-factory price of certain bag-type and container-type instant noodle products in Hong Kong from a medium to high level -numerical percentages, as of April 1, 2022.

The price adjustment will be applied to the “Demae Iccho” series, “Cup Noodles” series and “UFO” products. The last price adjustment on “Damae Iccho” bagged noodles was 14 years ago in 2008, and three years ago in 2019 on container-type noodles, including “Cup Noodles”.

As a leading food manufacturer, the Group has been committed to improving the taste and quality of its products while ensuring a stable supply of quality instant noodles at reasonable prices. Faced with increasing cost pressure resulting from soaring raw material and logistics costs, the Group has put in place measures to optimize our operational and production efficiency to offset rising costs. It reached the point where the Group found it necessary to adjust the prices of its products in order to better mitigate the pressure on costs.

Nissin Foods appreciates the understanding of all its business partners and consumers. The Group remains committed to providing safe, tasty and quality products to delight consumers. In addition, Nissin Foods will continue to invest to improve its operational efficiency and expand its product portfolio, ensuring sustainable growth and greater creation of shareholder value.

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About Nissin Foods Company Limited

Nissin Foods Company Limited (the “Group”; stock code: 1475) is a renowned food company in Hong Kong and Mainland China with a diverse portfolio of well-known and highly popular brands and the largest instant noodle company in Hong Kong. The Group officially established its presence in Hong Kong in 1984. The Group mainly manufactures and sells instant noodles, frozen foods and other food products under its two main corporate brands, namely “NISSIN (日清)” and “DOLL (公仔)” as well as a diversified portfolio of iconic premium household food brands. The Group’s five flagship product brands, namely “Cup Noodles (合味道)”, “Demae Iccho (出前一丁)”, “Instant Doll Noodles (公仔麵)”, “Dim Sum Doll (公仔點心)” and “Fuku ()” are also among the most popular choices in their respective food categories in Hong Kong. In the Mainland China market, the Group has introduced technological innovation through the “ECO Cup” concept and is mainly focusing its efforts sales on first and second tier city products.

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