NHL admits responsible for Buffalo Sabers’ loss

For years, many here in Buffalo and western New York State have assumed there is some sort of mad mojo, or curse, lingering over the two main sports teams here ( Bills and Sabers).

Whether you believe this sort of thing or not, there is certainly a body of evidence to support that Buffalo sports fans have had bad luck for the past 30 to 40 years. Another example was Friday night at the KeyBank Center.

The Sabers were looking to tie the game, and they believed they did, when New York Rangers goaltender Alexander Georgiev hit a puck into his own net to apparently bring the score to 2-2 shortly thereafter. as Brett Murray scored the Sabers’ first goal to get them inside one.

However, as the ice call said “good goal,” the NHL situation room in Toronto wanted to revisit to make sure the Sabers were in order. It was determined they weren’t and the goal was disallowed, causing the Sabers to lose in regulation.

But after the game, several rightly said Sabers defenseman Rasmus Dahlin scored on time and forward Victor Olofsson had yet to hit the puck inside the Rangers’ zone. The NHL officially admitted its mistake on Saturday.

NHL Senior Executive Vice President Colin Campbell said the disallowed goal should have counted, due to a lack of clear evidence the Sabers were offside, since the on-ice call was a good one. goal. There was no explanation as to why the NHL initially gave up after reviewing him.

The Sabers have every right to be livid after that. The worst part is that nothing changes. The Rangers win and the Sabers score no points. It’s a joke that a professional sports league is capable of that.

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