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Cover Art of New Swing-Style Christmas Song “I Want a Doll”

We think “I want a doll” should be a big help this year “to make the season bright”.

– Greg Nathan

SPRINGFIELD, OREGON, USA, November 26, 2021 / – Donna Courtell playfully sings “I Want a Doll”, according to Greg Nathan, owner / president of Soaring Music Publications, label of the new Christmas song. Ms. Courtell has been a Great American Songbook champion throughout her singing career. She is the only vocal artist to record “I want a doll.”

Reedman Paul Biondi has his roots in Los Angeles, where he has performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Mr. Biondi moved to the Pacific Northwest many years ago. Since then he has been prolific in his live musical appearances.

Songwriter Charles Nathan (1921-2012) wrote: “I want a doll”. This is the second song by Charles Nathan that Soaring Music Publications is producing. The first was a title track from an album released in 2013. This song is taken from a musical written by Charles, “Where the Heck’s the Plot ?.” The title of the song concerned is “I’ll Think of Something”.

The arrangement of “I Want a Doll” allows it to become a video production. The presentation of the song will be as if it were a scene from a musical. The video is “in progress”, and although currently unfinished, the imagery for the video is under development.

The recording of “I Want a Doll” features a seven-piece ensemble (including sleighbells) as accompaniment, where Ms. Courtell is the eighth musician. Paul Biondi doubles on the recording, playing the jazz clarinet and tenor saxophone.

“I Want a Doll” is a bouncy Christmas Swing song with clever lyrics. You can listen to the recording on the following link:

Soaring owner Greg explained, “We tried to make the recording sound like it’s from the Swing era. Even the cover has a ‘retro’ feel. It’s an old song. which is new because the recently produced Donna is the only one to have been recorded this.

If you like Swing and Jazz-tenor-sax, this recording is a “must to listen”. There are even bells to pass the “little ones”. The track has a lot to offer, possibly one of the best Christmas music products to ever hit the market.

You can play “I Want a Doll” alongside all the great Christmas classics. “I Want a Doll” fits perfectly. I’m glad we did, and I’m happy with the result. We think ‘I Want a Doll’ should be a big help this year ‘to make the season bright.’ “

Greg said it deserves to be listed, but everyone who loves it loved it to share it with their people to make it happen. He said people who share it can earn rewards through Soaring.

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