Must-have Bluey toys like Ultimate Caravan Adventures, Bluey Plushies and Bluey Pajamas.

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Ask any parent and they’ll tell you the best kids’ show on TV today is Bluey. The charming and intelligent animated series about Australian cattle dog Blue Heeler has it all: lessons, jokes, hidden adult messages, adorable accents, recurring characters and plenty of episodes for kids and adults. (We even know a few childless adults who watch it. Seriously.)

Let your children start Blueyor are you just super happy with the third season that would have hit Disney+ this year, you’ll want to check out the cute and fun market Bluey merchandise. Here’s a guide to some of the best Bluey shirts, books, puzzles and toys you can buy right now.

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1. Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures

Take Bluey and her friends on a trip in this trailer.

It’s easy to see why the Ultimate Caravan Adventure set was one of the games this holiday season. hottest toys. It’s cute, well made and seems like a great value.

Bring the fun and imaginative play home with this kit that includes Bluey’s dad’s perpetually dirty SUV (parents get it), plus the Heeler family’s RV, which opens to reveal a bedroom, a perfectly sized kitchen and dining area for all three. Bluey figures included in the set.

The set also includes 12 accessories, including two surfboards, a campfire and a dining set. Hook the SUV up to the RV and you’ll be cruising the living room floor in no time.

Get the Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventure Bundle from Amazon for $34.54

2. Bluey plush friends

Squeeze this Bluey plush at bedtime.

It’s a universally accepted truth that kids love stuffed animals. That’s why it makes perfect sense that the team behind Bluey did not bad Bluey plush toysfrom a soft and cuddly Bluey toy to a series of cool Bluey cousins ​​and friends.

For our money, the best value for money will come from one of the two sets. First up is the Bluey and Bingo Mini Plush Pack, which finds both siblings transformed into 8-inch plush toys. It’s a bargain for under $20, especially considering that for many kids bingo is just as essential as Bluey.

If you’re looking for something bigger and don’t mind a single dog, then the cuddly 18-inch Bluey is a great choice. The doll is the perfect size for kids to rock as they fall asleep, and it’s squishy.

3. Bluey poseable figures

Have fun with the grannies.

the Bluey The merchandising team really went all out with the sheer number of moveable figure sets available, releasing everything from a pack of four Heeler family figures to a surprisingly hard to find two packs of Bingo and Bluey disguised as “grannies”.

You can mix and match the sets as you wish, but if you want, say, a Grannies set because you like the accessories but already have the “chic restaurant” boxthen you will end up with two Blueys and two Bingos.

You really can’t go wrong starting with a mega-set of eight figures from Walmartwhich includes the Heeler clan and four of Bluey and Bingo’s best friends: Chloe, Indy, Honey, and Socks.

4. Bluey Pop ‘N’ Fun Play Tent

Create a refuge with this tent.

A playhouse that looks like Heeler’s too-cute bungalow, the Pop ‘N’ Fun Play Tent is pretty much what it sounds like. With an opening window and a roll-up front door, the tent gives kids some privacy and a little spark for creative play.

This is a great item to have on hand in case your little one asks for a Bluey– themed birthday party.

Get the Bluey Pop ‘N’ Fun play tent from Amazon for $24.99

5. Bluey Mega Bundle Home, BBQ playset and 4 figures

Bring Bluey's house to life.

An Amazon exclusive that allows you to store your Bluey tidying up a breeze, the Mega Home Bundle is exactly that. Pick this up, and you’ll get the Bluey Family home playsetwhich has opening doors and a large wall panel that can be converted into a patio.

You’ll also get a number of pieces of furniture, the entire Heeler figurine family, and Bandit’s BBQ Playsetwith a picnic table, sausages and a salad.

Of course, if you don’t want all of that, you can always choose to pick up the house or the figures separately, but where’s the fun in that?

Get the Bluey Mega Home Bundle with BBQ and 4 Figures from Amazon for $59.99

6. Bluey pool game

Dive with Bluey.

If you’re looking to add another dimension to Bluey’s home, why not install a swimming pool? Of course, the pool in this case will be the Bluey Pool Playset, as seen in the episode titled “The Pool”.

The set includes a Bluey figure wearing a bathing suit, four fun pool accessories like floats and goggles, and a cool diving board. You can even fill the pool with water and let Bluey splash around for real, which is a fun perk.

Get the Bluey Pool Playset from Amazon for $19.50

seven. Bluey books

Read all about Bluey's adventures.

If you like storytelling Bluey but you don’t want your kids to spend hours watching TV every day, there is a solution for that: Bluey books. There are a number of books based on episodes, including grannies, Good night fruit bat and My dad is awesomewhich would also make a great Father’s Day gift for any bandit admiring dad.

If you can’t choose just one (and who could, really?), there’s always For real lifewhich is a collection of stories consisting of four different books, including The stream and The beach.

Get for real life: A Bluey Walmart’s Story Collection for $11.49

8. Bluey coloring books and sticker sets

These activity books come with Bluey stickers.

If you want to add even more books to your inventory, even if they are books of a different nature, there are a multitude of Bluey-themed stickers and coloring books in the market as well.

Walmart offers three good ones: the descriptive name Bluey Coloring book and two sticker books, Bluey: Time to play and Bluey and his friends.

9. Bluey Park themed deluxe playset

Bring the outdoors inside.

All children love playgrounds, but parents are not always able to take the children as much as they would like. Bring the magic of the playground home with a few different playground themes Bluey play together.

If you think small, take it Bluey Park Playset, which includes a slide, a swing and a cute little Bluey figure in a cart.

If you’re looking to up your playground game and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, there’s the Bluey Park themed deluxe playset, which not only has the swing and the slide, but also a picnic table, a swing and four different figures: Bluey, Rusty, Indy and Bingo. You won’t get the wagon, but you will get a Potaroo figure, which is pretty awesome.

If you want to take the game even further, you can also expand your game – and, again, you’re going to get a second Bingo and Bluey here – and get the Bluey Pack of 2 vehicles, which finds the siblings navigating the city on their scooters, helmets and all. It’s a super cute set, like everything else Bluey has inspired.

ten. Bluey pajama sets

Wear Bluey to bed.

Help your kids get excited about bedtime with Soft Deluxe Bluey pajama sets. There are several on the market, including a pink setand justly, a blue set. Each fitted set comes with two shirts and two pairs of pants, so you can mix and match as much as you want.

11. Bluey underwear

These briefs come with Bluey and Bingo graphics.

Ask any parent who’s struggled with potty training, and they’ll tell you: Getting your little one excited about their new underwear is a big part of the process.

If your child is a Bluey fan, you’re in luck: they make Bluey underwear for boys and girls. Each set contains seven pairs of underwear featuring fun and silly Bluey and Bingo designs. They come in bright colors, and Kohl’s shoppers seem to like them, with one shopper of the boys’ briefs noting in their rating that “our little guy loved them.”

12. Bluey shirts for you and your kids

Go out with a Bluey shirt.

There are a lot of licenses Bluey shirts on the market for kids, like this long sleeve graphic t-shirtas well as some unlicensed options for adults, mostly from Etsy.

These shirts celebrate everything from Hammerbarn to Stumpfest and their deep references will impress any coolest parent on the playground.

We really like this Grannies shirt, though, which features poor Bingo sprawled on the floor dressed as Janet, exclaiming, “I slipped on my beans!” You can choose from a wide range of sizes and colors, so you can customize it to your liking.

13. Bluey board games and puzzles

Start a group activity.

If you want to add Bluey to your family game nightlook no further than these fun new games, including a board game inspired by the show’s “Shadowlands” episode.

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, there’s always the Bluey 5 in 1 card gamewhich contains enough cards to play Blueyupgraded versions of Cheese ‘N’ Crackers (Snap), Bluey’s Battle (War), Go Fruit Bat (Go Fish), Grannies (Old Maid), and Memory. The cards are bigger than those in a normal deck, which means they’re also a bit easier for smaller hands.

If your kids prefer puzzles, you can’t go wrong with a two packs of character puzzles. Both 36-piece puzzles come packaged in boxes designed to look like Bluey and Bingo, pointy ears and all. They’re great for on-the-go to places like restaurants or grandma’s house. Target customers say the parts are sturdy and of good quality.

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