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Andreja Vrščaj says her fantastic felines are now fabulous and has vowed to continue treating them like royalty as she seeks extra storage space for their sensational wardrobe

Her cats are treated like royalty – and the mother doesn’t regret the expense

A cat-mad mum has spent £2,500 on a pink wardrobe for her pampered pets because they ‘deserve’ to look their best.

Andreja Vrščaj, 34, thinks her felines look fabulous after the expensive and colorful makeover.

The stylish Slovenian has spent the past few years hoarding designer dresses, tutus, jackets and clothes for her two Persian cats Lily, four, and Kaly, three.

Their wardrobe now has over 150 pieces of clothing and 200 bows and she says cats just have to live their best life.

She has bought so much that Andreja is now looking for a bigger closet to store the items.

Andreja Vrščaj vowed to keep spending but says she needs more space for clothes


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There’s no special occasion that cats don’t celebrate.


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The visual merchandiser from Kočevje, Slovenia, pampers her cats 24/7, with daily baths and toothbrushing, bibs at mealtimes, and she’s even placed cat beds and scratching posts in each room as well as a house for cats.

Andreja said: “They are my little princesses and they are treated like royalty.

“Every time I go out to buy myself or my eight-year-old daughter Rianna clothes, I also have to buy the cats something.

“They both love wearing clothes, and they always look so good.

Pink is her go-to color and has already spent £2,500 on the Animals wardrobe


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“I spoil them so much, because they deserve it.”

Andreja has purchased a variety of items over the past few years for her cats, including winter coats, faux designer dresses, and even uniforms.

She said: ‘If I see something that I think will look cute to them while scrolling online, I’ll still order it, I’ve bought items from them all over Europe, the UK and even items the United States.

“I love anything pink because it complements their lovely white fur so well. They have 13 different colored tutus from the Furdrobe Fairy Dust collection which were £40 each.

Andreja makes sure her cats live their best life every day


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“I really like the Chewnel Coco collection so they have a matching summer dress and handbag which is a total of £101.

“I matched them to the official Disney Lilo and Stitch costumes in blue and pink which cost £44.

“They even have suits to match the seasons, like their Santa Paws jacket with a hood which costs £19.”

Cats also have rather lenient rules and get away with it a lot.

Their wardrobe now has over 150 clothes and 200 bows


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Andreja added: “Lily loves to drink from the kitchen tap one night, and sometimes they sleep on the kitchen table.

“In fact, they sleep all over the house, from my dressing table to Rianna’s dollhouse.

“Every morning they watch cats on TV with me, it has become their daily routine.”

Lily and Kaly didn’t always have such a luxurious lifestyle.

Andreja said: “We adopted Lily first, and she was in a very bad state, she hadn’t really been looked after well.

Cats have daily baths and always wear bibs at mealtimes


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“When she first came to see us, her eye was so swollen that she couldn’t open it. It was so bad that it took him several months to recover.

“We finally adopted Kaly so that Lily would have a companion, but she wasn’t very happy about it at first.

“I just want to give them both the lives they never had and spoil them with some pretty things along the way.”

What she bought:

• Stylish Luxury Fur Winter Overcoat: £51
• Shiny Princess Dog Dress: £48
• Tiffany Dreams Furdrobe Glitter Tutu: £50
• Furdrobe Fairy Dust Tutus: £40
• Louie Designer Dog Winter Coat: £66
• Pearl pink dress with matching hair bow: £35
• Santa Paws jacket with hood: £19
• Chewnel summer dress: £52
• Chewnel Coco purse: £37
• Sniffany tutu dress: £44
• BlingBling Charm Necklaces: £22
• Pink fur jackets: £29
• Sweet Lady Tutu Dress: £44
• Chewnel n°5 tutu dress: £44
• Fashion Paris Tutu Dress: £44
• Furberry Royalty School Uniform: £12
• Disney Jackets: £22
• Beige fur checkered dress: £20
• Red and White Pet Winter Dress: £23
• Gucci Dog Dress: £32
• Candy Color Dog Party Dresses: £14
• Dog Fashionista long jacket: £18
• Coco Chewnel buttoned dress: £43
• Coco Chewnel lace and pearl princess dress: £51
• Unicorn Dog Dress: £24

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