Ms Hinch shares preview of new ‘Hinch Farm’ home

Ms Hinch gave her followers a preview of her new home “Hinch Farm” on Instagram.

The star, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, and her family, husband Jamie, and their two sons, Ronnie, two, and Lennie, eight months, have bought a new home.

The cleaning sensation shared the news by posting a picture of her family’s hands grabbing their new house key on their Instagram.

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She wrote: “It’s time to write a new chapter in our story. We can never thank you enough because without our crazy little Insta world this wouldn’t happen. I can’t wait to take you along with it. you … we !! welcome to our new home everyone … Hinch Farm. “

The exterior of Mrs. Hinch’s new home

Ms Hinch then did a question and answer session on her Instagram Stories, where she took a mini tour of her extravagant new home.

She described the property as “a five bedroom farmhouse style house” with enough land for the family to look after their own animals.

Neighbors have animals too, as she proved when she shared a clip from “Cutest Neighbors Ever” showing a horse standing in a field.

Mrs Hinch's new
Mrs Hinch’s new ‘cute’ neighbor

The family plans to save three chickens to start with and a few “very special furry boys” will join them soon, but said it will not be a “working farm.”

She claimed the hallway is one of her favorite places in the whole house, as she put it, “I stand here everyday and think HOW.”

The elegant hallway features a central staircase and a huge picture window surrounding the oak paneled door to flood the room with natural light.

The Hinch Farm Corridor
The Hinch Farm Corridor

She also showed fans the master bedroom, which she and her husband Jamie will share, which is large and spacious but has no added furniture yet.

The mother-of-two explained that the family are not yet living there full time but take turns staying in the new home.

Sophie revealed the "the most emotional" part of his new home
Sophie revealed the “most emotional” part of her new home

The house also has a workshop for her father Alan and she revealed how it is “the most touching part of the house”.

She wrote: “Dad and I would watch the New Yankees workshop together every weekend and literally dream of having the same thing. So handing dad the keys to his own workshop was the most amazing feeling.” .

Henry’s “dog wash station”

Even the dog, Henry, has his own special space in the new home as she plans to turn a mini room into a dog wash.

Sophie wrote: “I’m really, really excited about this mini room because it will be Henry’s dog wash.”

She plans to share the entire moving process on her social media with her 4.2 million followers.

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