Mom transforms her daughter’s old dollhouse into a Casita “Encanto”

  • Jasmine Maestas’ daughter wanted her own “Encanto” casita, but Maestas couldn’t find one online.
  • She decided to transform an old Barbie dollhouse into the magical Casa Madrigal.
  • The casita includes a bedroom for Maribel, Isabela, Bruno, Antonio and Luisa.

Jasmine Maestas’ daughter, Zariyah, has been watching Disney’s “Encanto” every day since it premiered in 2021.

The 4-year-old loves the movie so much that she begged her mum to buy her a toy version of the magical Casa Madrigal, also known as Casita. After searching online, Maestas told Insider that she decided to take matters into her own hands and transform Zariah’s old Barbie dollhouse.

“I couldn’t find one that was interactive enough for her, so I decided to make one that was,” she said.

Maestas told Insider that she watched "Encanto" every day for weeks making the dollhouse.

Maestas told Insider that she watched “Encanto” every day for weeks while making the dollhouse.


The original dollhouse had four rooms, a main bathroom and a kitchen. To turn the dollhouse into a casita, Maestas took everything out and coated it with primer.

“I can’t draw. I’ve never painted a pretty picture in my life,” she said. “I sat and looked at pictures of Casita, watched the movie and asked my daughter what rooms she wanted to have.”

The original Barbie dollhouse was an heirloom from her daughter's cousin, Maestas said.

The original Barbie dollhouse was an heirloom from her daughter’s cousin, Maestas said.

Jasmine Maestas

Maestas and her daughter decided that the dollhouse would have bedrooms for Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Antonio and Bruno, and two small spaces for Dolores and Camilo.

Maestas said that after figuring out which characters would get a bedroom, she started watching the movie over and over to make them as close to what she saw as possible.

On May 10, Maestas published a TikTok Video of the painted dollhouse. It had over 290,000 views on Saturday.

“It took me about seven weeks and I had no help whatsoever,” she said. “It turned into a bigger project than I originally anticipated, and I don’t think I would have done so much if it hadn’t gone viral on TikTok.”

Maestas said she spent around $150 to create the new version of the dollhouse due to the interactive elements she added for Zariyah. Isabela’s room, for example, had a bed that could float and a vine swing that ran down the side of the house.

A trace TikTok Video Maestas posted his process for creating Isabela’s room has also gone viral. It had 3.7 million views on Saturday.

In Bruno’s bedroom, Maestas made a kinetic sandbox out of an old Barbie pool. She also built a hammock for Luisa’s bedroom and added weights for her daughter to play in.

“My daughter loved it all,” Maestas said. “She played with the dollhouse throughout the renovation process. I never took her away from her since it was her project from the start.”

Maestas said it took him seven weeks to complete the dollhouse.

Maestas said it took him seven weeks to complete the dollhouse.

Jasmine Maestas

Maestas said that since she finished the dollhouse, Zariyah has been playing with it while watching “Encanto.”

“It’s so exciting to see her recognize that the dollhouse is now Casita, and she knows who every room belongs to,” she said. “It makes me happy to know that she was happy that I did it for her. She’s so sweet about it too.”

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