Little People’s Audrey Roloff Showcases Her First Night In A New $1.5 Million Home With Freshly Decorated Kids’ Bedrooms And A Huge Kitchen

AUDREY Roloff surprised fans by showing off the brand new $1.5 million home she and former Little People star Jeremy Roloff bought.

The couple revealed they bought the house in June.


Audrey Roloff documented her family’s first night in their new homeCredit: Instagram/ Audrey Roloff
She and her husband Jeremy Roloff bought the house in May


She and her husband Jeremy Roloff bought the house in MayCredit: Audrey Roloff Instagram
She showed her children's rooms and other snippets of the house


She showed her children’s rooms and other snippets of the houseCredit: Instagram/ Audrey Roloff

On Friday, Audrey, 31, took to her Instagram Story to give fans a peek at her family’s new home.

She filmed herself standing in what appeared to be her kitchen, captioning the clip: “Tonight will be our first night sleeping here!”

Speaking to her viewers, she said: “So the last two nights we stayed with my parents because he was trying to unpack things and put the beds together and the movers lost the bed parts of Ember and Radley’s Cradle.”

She continued, “Anyway, all that to say we’re sleeping here for the first time tonight and I’m going to be spending a lot of my evening sorting out some of this cooking stuff.”

Little People's Audrey Roloff shows off a messy house before moving into a $1.5 million home
Little People's Audrey shows off a messy house with clothes all over the floor

As she spoke, she turned the camera so her followers could see into her kitchen as well as other parts of the house.

Behind her, stainless steel appliances, a large kitchen island, and what appeared to be a spacious seating area were visible.

One of the walls inside the house had several floor-to-ceiling windows.

White furniture could be seen filling the space, although Audrey has yet to show how the space is arranged.

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The author also showed fans his children’s rooms.

She filmed as she walked from outside a room shared by older children Ember and Bode.

At the door, a bookcase was visible.

It contained a few trinkets as well as books and toys, including a large construction vehicle.

Audrey captioned the video, “Kids bedroom is kinda set up for them to sleep in here tonight!”

She turned the corner, showing two beds located against each wall.

Audrey filmed as Ember explored her new space, enjoying the gifts she received


Audrey filmed as Ember explored her new space, enjoying the gifts she receivedCredit: Instagram/ Audrey Roloff
She also documented her son Bode, who shares a room with his big sister.


She also documented her son Bode, who shares a room with his big sister.Credit: Instagram/ Audrey Roloff

A white chest of drawers sat on the same wall as a white bed, later revealed to belong to Ember.

There was also a dollhouse in the room and a woven crib on the floor with dolls in it.

Ember’s bed had a rainbow pillow with her name on it sitting against the headboard.

There was also a sweater with his name sewn on it and some stuffed animals.

Opposite this bed was a wooden bed with several stuffed animals and a similar sweater with Bodhi sewn on it.

In a story that followed shortly after, Audrey filmed her children exploring the room and seeing the gifts intended for them.

Both children looked excited, smiling as the reality star filmed.

Fans have been getting a raw look at life before the big move from Audrey’s perspective lately.

messy mom

Earlier this week, she shared a video showing the mess in their old house as they prepared to move.

The first post began with her and Jeremy’s daughter, Ember, recording in her brother Bode’s bedroom, his unmade bed in the center of the frame.

She said, “It’s her new bed,” before walking down the hall and capturing the interior of her own bedroom.

His equally unmade bed was occupied as Jeremy lay on it and used a camcorder to film Bode, two, sitting on his stomach.

Ember could be heard saying, “All my bed,” as she recorded the unpacked moving box and the clothes that littered her floor.

The young videographer returned to her little brother’s bedroom, inadvertently capturing his stained floor before showing the mess of clothes near his closet.

Even four-year-old Ember admitted that “Bode’s bed is really crazy”.

The video ended with Ember recording the inside of Audrey and Jeremy’s bedroom.

She walked down a hallway lined with boxes before glancing at the fans inside the couple’s bedroom.

It’s not the first time she’s shown her home in less than perfect condition.


Earlier this week, the reality TV star shared a glimpse of her hectic home with a photo on her Instagram Stories.

The photo showed the interior of her bedroom with the furniture and floor covered in boxes and various clothes.

There seemed to be little space to move around the room with the abundance of discarded clothes.

Audrey acknowledged the clutter in her caption, writing, “And back to that…”

The TV personality, her husband and their children recently returned from vacation just days before planning to move into their new Oregon home.

Earlier today, she showed off her closet, which also looked messy with clothes all over the floor.

She confessed, “Moving in two days so not the cleanest/most organized.”

Space won’t be an issue on the four-acre farm they’ve just moved into.


Audrey and Jeremy bought the two-story farmhouse built in 1979 in Hillsboro, Oregon for a estimated at $1.5 million in May this year.

The home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, meaning plenty of space for the couple’s growing family.

They are the parents of Ember, Bode and a baby, Radley.

Their new location is just a seven-minute drive from Roloff Farms.

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The home sits on four acres of land and also includes a games room, workshop, garage and the possibility of secondary accommodation for family guests.

The exterior has some history for Jeremy and Audrey as it offers a view of the trestle where they got engaged in 2015.

Audrey and Jeremy sold their $750,000 home before buying


Audrey and Jeremy sold their $750,000 home before buyingCredit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram
The couple have announced that they will be moving in June


The couple have announced that they will be moving in JuneCredit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff
Their new home cost $1.5million and sits on four acres of land not far from Roloff Farms


Their new home cost $1.5million and sits on four acres of land not far from Roloff FarmsCredit: Lara Janzen Photography

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