Jas’ Dollhouse in Stardew Valley is Still an Unsolved Mystery

Vast universes with dense lore such as Stardew Valley are always filled to the brim with mysteries. In Pelican Town, it is suspected that Abigail’s father may not be Peter, but rather the wizard, based on some comments from her mother Caroline. Other mysteries ponder the identities of the elusive Mr. Jasper and Mona while others theorize whether Mr. Qi is a stand-in or a representative of developer ConcernedApe himself.

Similarly, many players have wondered about the meaning of Jas’ dollhouse, which features a family gathered around a table. Strangely, however, Stardew ValleyThe dollhouse description text says that the grandpa doll is “stuck under the table for some reason”. It’s never explained why this is the case or what it represents, including through conversations with Jas, so players were left to theorize what it might mean, and one idea stands out among the rest.


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Relationship between Jas, Marnie and Mayor Lewis

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Jas is a resident child of Pelican Town who lives with her aunt Marnie and her godfather Shane rather than her parents, as they died of unknown causes. Nothing is known about Jas’ grandparents either, so it’s a bit odd that Jas intentionally put the grandpa doll under the bed if it was meant to represent Jas’ biological grandfather.

This lead to Stardew Valley players thinking it might be a reference to Marnie’s (not-so-)secret relationship with Mayor Lewis. The first instance many players are likely to encounter upon discovering this is when Mayor Lewis asks players to find his purple shorts “quietly”. The game clearly puts quotes around “shorts”, spinning that it’s actually talking about her underwear, which can be found in Marnie’s bedroom after increasing her affinity level. Another request from the mayor asks for truffle oil, but says its need is “none of your business”, implying lewd use.

The simplest explanation for why Jas’ doll might be stuck under the bed is that it depicts Mayor Lewis getting stuck under the bed. It looks like Lewis and Marnie are trying to sneak in – the operative word here being “attempt” since they’re not as sneaky as they might think. One instance allows players to catch them in the middle by shaking a bush in town at 00:40.

It is likely that Mayor Lewis tried to hide under Marnie’s bed at some point when Jas entered his aunt’s room late at night or unexpectedly. However, kids can be a lot smarter than adults think, and it’s possible Jas saw Mayor Lewis trying to hide under Marnie’s bed at some point. Going a step further, the painting Jas made in the dollhouse could depict an actual moment when Lewis was hiding under the bed while the family ate downstairs, trying not to be seen by them.

Alternatively, some players believe the grandpa doll may bear an uncanny resemblance to the player’s grandpa seen at the start of the game lying in a bed. There are some theories that the player might be a cousin of Jas or otherwise related, but there is no evidence to back this up. Most of the information about what Jas’ dollhouse might mean is purely circumstantial, but it’s possible it’s another small clue to Mayor Lewis and Marnie’s relationship.

On the other hand, it might mean nothing and just be flavor text for the dollhouse. After all, children sometimes stick their toys in strange places without explanation, but what makes this case strange is how Stardew Valley specifically notes that it’s the grandpa doll, which means there was probably some intent behind it. But with so many unknowns about Jas’s family, it’s likely that this Stardew Valley the mystery will remain whole.

Stardew Valley is now available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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