Is Pete Davidson Rocking Hickey courtesy of Kim Kardashian, or is his body getting weirder and weirder?

Sweet baby Jesus, this is what our life will be like now. You thought the sensitive nature of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox was disgusting, or that the PDA Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian released on the internet was bad. Well, here’s Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, the new “WTF ?!” celebrity couple, already eager to show the world how hot they are for each other.

And how do they show it? With a hickey. Yes, the 28-year-old comedian (and the most unlikely Hollywood stallion of all time) was recently spotted in public with a red welt on his neck that could only be the stuff of the 41-year-old MILF – and all that. wet dreams of a college boy.

Twitter had some hilarious take on the physical evidence of the odd couple’s arousal:

Davidson’s already weird body might just get weirder and stranger… but more likely, it’s love at first bite. We wish we could skip the inevitable progression from hickey to sex tape and go straight to the breakup.

Cover photo: Taylor Hill / Contributor (Getty Images)


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