Iron Maiden Approves ‘Stranger Things’ Easter Egg

In case you’re not tired of hearing about stranger things However, Iron Maiden has now given its approval for the series Peace of mind Easter Egg, which is once again a scene involving the show’s beloved rock fan, Eddie Munson.

During a scene in the show’s fourth and final season, the characters are all scrambling to find a song to save Nancy and are seen rummaging through tapes. As Robin flips through the tapes, Munson asks them what they’re looking for in particular, to which she replies, “Madonna, Blondie, Bowie, The Beatles — music! We need music!”

Munson then grabs one of the tapes and holds it in front of his face, hilariously shouting, “That’s music!” And what he’s holding is a copy of Maiden’s 1983 album Peace of mind.

See a video of the scene below.

Of course, the scene has since become a meme, and people are posting their favorite album on the Iron Maiden tape. But we think the original image is absolutely perfect, as is Iron Maiden, apparently.

“We are with you, Eddie!” the group wrote in a tweet along with a screenshot of the scene. Coincidentally, their mascot is also called Eddie.

Or maybe it’s not a coincidence. Munson is the season’s key heavy metal ambassador. Actor Joe Quinn later revealed that he prepared for the role by listening to a ton of metal, and is a self-described Metallica fan. Additionally, he sported a giant Dio patch on his denim jacket during the show and even ripped Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” during the intense finale.

The show had such a profound musical impact that “Master of Puppets” was pushed into Spotify’s Top 50-Global within days of the final episode airing. As a result, the group is experiencing an influx of new fans, and even had to go to guardians on their TikTok account.

“FYI, EVERYONE is welcome to the Metallica family. Whether you’ve been a fan for 40 hours or 40 years, we all share a connection through music,” Metallica wrote. “You all started from scratch at some point.”

Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” has become one of the most viral songs of the year on TikTok due to its inclusion in stranger things also, so maybe Iron Maiden Peace of mind will also see a spike in streams and downloads.

Congratulation to stranger things to put rock and metal in the spotlight, if only for a little while.

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