Ideas to give a festive touch to your interior this holiday season!

23 dec. 2021 20:14 STI

New Delhi [India], Dec. 23 (ANI): As the Christmas festivities quickly approach, people are making a conscious effort to rejoice and celebrate the passing of another overwhelming year. The cheerful atmosphere at this time is a great opportunity to meet up with friends and family.
Such times call for Christmas trees, mistletoe, wreaths – the quintessential home decor to spruce up your home and throw the perfect Christmas party. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas to give your home a festive mood.
1. Christmas tree
The Christmas tree is the lifeline of the festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is an evergreen tree like fir or pine, usually placed in the living room. We cannot imagine celebrating Christmas without decorating the tree. Children are more excited when it comes to Christmas trees. They look forward to December 25 each year to mark the occasion by decorating the tree with ornaments, lights, candy and gifts. Christmas trees can easily be purchased in the markets. From small to large, Christmas trees are available in different sizes in the markets.

And if you are a DIYer, there are plenty of options for making your own handmade Christmas tree.
Speaking of ways to make a DIY Christmas tree, Tanu Akshit Lamba, PRT General, Suraj Bhan DAV Public School, said, “One of the easiest ways to make a Christmas tree is to use colored ribbon. green. You can also take paper cups and paint them with green color, then keep them upside down. The paper cone also serves as an alternative to the Christmas tree. I also taught my students to make DIY Christmas trees. Such activity also keeps students busy at home during a pandemic. “

So, do not miss to spruce up your home with a Christmas tree, as it not only enhances the decoration of your home, but is also an important part of Christmas celebrations, as it symbolizes hope and renewal.
2. Christmas tree accessories
The main element of the Christmas tree is the star that covers it. It symbolizes “the star of Bethlehem” which guided the three kings to the birthplace of Jesus. In addition, he represents humanity.
Besides the Christmas star, people also decorate Christmas trees using “Merry Christmas” banners, baubles, Christofle, bells and mini Santa ornaments, among others. You can also use a tree skirt to wrap around the base of your Christmas tree.

Madhuri Verma, a beloved mother of two toddlers, explained how extremely happy her children became after seeing the decorated Christmas tree in their home.
“My youngest son Yuvaan has found a new friend in the Christmas tree. Currently, her favorite activity is to go around the Christmas tree and play with decorative objects. I wait for the 25th to put the gifts behind the tree for my children, ”she shared.

Also, one can make his house more attractive at Christmas by using fairy lights. They will surely brighten up your home with a good mood. A warm yellow tone can be an ideal option for decorative light.

3. Crown
Like the Christmas tree, the Christmas wreath is considered one of the most important decorative elements. It is a circular decoration that helps dress up any door they are placed on. Wreaths are usually made from evergreen leaves, berries, or other natural materials.

4. Paintings on the Christmas theme
Incorporate artistic vibes into your home by placing Christmas themed paintings on the walls. From snowman to pines and reindeer, you can decorate your home with these artistic creations. Also experience the feeling of freshly fallen snow by creating your very own mini snowman.

5. Candles
If you want to make Christmas more special, buy candles immediately. They are perfect decorative items that spread happiness and warmth. One can also buy scented candles to fill the air with a delicious holiday scent. How can we forget about adding large, bright candles for dinner? They will surely enhance the dining table in your home.
With these decorating tips, you can surely brighten up your home this Christmas season. Merry Christmas! (ANI)

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