Idaho Museum announces 2022 exhibition lineup

IDAHO FALLS – The Idaho Museum in Idaho Falls recently announced its exciting list of exhibits for 2022.

The museum’s large exhibition hall will host “Genghis Khan: Culture and Conquest” from January to September 2022. The exhibition is the first Asian-focused exhibition to come to the museum. He explores war, art and domestic life through a combination of artefacts and interactive experiences.

“This is unlike any other exhibit we’ve ever had at the museum before,” MOI spokesperson Chloe Doucette told “I feel like it really fulfills that aspect of our mission that brings the world to Idaho. You have the impression of a totally different culture. You will be able to see hundreds of Mongolian artifacts from the time of Genghis Khan.

In addition to the artefacts and interactive aspects of “Culture and Conquest”, the exhibition also features live musical performances. Together, all of the elements work together to broaden museum visitors’ understanding of who Khan was and the impact he had on the world.

“Everyone knows a thing or two about Genghis Khan,” said Doucette. “Maybe they recognize the name or maybe they know a little more about the Silk Road. But the impact of this person on the world is absolutely huge. So I think this exhibit is going be so fun and really interesting.

From September 2022 to January 2023, the museum will welcome visitors to dive into the world of toys with “Toytopia”. This exhibit examines toys throughout history, from our ancient ancestors to the present day.

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This exhibit features a number of impressive interactive pieces, including an 8-foot-tall Etch-a-Sketch and life-size dollhouse, as well as many playable classic board and video games.

“’Toytopia’, in my mind, is all about creativity, design, build and test,” said Doucette. “But the way he tells this story is through the toys that made us who we are as a society.”

Visitors to “Toytopia” will also learn about the roles played by toys in the education of generations of children and see some of the techniques used in our favorite toys.

“I think on the outside people will be like ‘Oh that sounds really fun and I’m going to bring my family to that,’” said Doucette. “But I think what people are really going to take away from is that appreciation and that experience of,” Wow, there’s a lot of engineering, construction, and creative thinking to make toys what they are. “

The museum also recently opened a special pocket exhibit titled “Roy Reynolds: Layers of a Town”. The exhibit tells the story of the Idaho Falls through a series of 30 oil paintings by masterful local artist Roy Reynolds, who died in September.

“(Reynolds) really had a huge impact on the museum here, both through his oral histories, his stories, his artwork and his donations to the museum,” said Doucette. “He donated the tub that is in our hair salon display in our Eagle Rock recreation area. He was such a prolific artist and it was hard for a lot of people to lose him. So it is hopefully a way to honor his memory. “

“Roy Reynolds: Layers of a Town” runs until February 13, 2022.

Visitors can still view the Idaho Museum’s current traveling exhibit, “Body Worlds: Animal Inside Out” until December 5. Visitors can also view the museum’s permanent exhibit, “Way Out West”, at any time. Visitors who present their SNAP cards can still enter the museum for $ 1.00.

More information is available on the Museum of Idaho’s website and Facebook page.

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