Hermès is now organizing a magical traveling theatrical performance on “lightness” which originated in Paris

We’ve all had that dream where we fly. Hovering, suspended, somehow floating, blissfully breaking away from the confines and routine of awakening. For Hermès, the French fashion house the name synonymous with creating status-symbol bags, loved and endorsed by the greatest style icons across generations, the dream came true in a transporting performance that, after opening in Paris, will continue to tour the world.

Benjamin Schmuck

2022 has been a year of celebration lightness, or “lightness”, a theme that has animated the house’s collections, from handcrafted rugs to runway collections. In collaboration with the Belgian duo, the director Jaco Van Dormael and the choreographer Michèle Anne De Mey, as well as the dance company Astragales de De Mey, Hermès opened its doors to an imaginary universe in the Grande Halle de La Vilette in Paris, in the 19e borough. From 21st at 28th of October 2022, the performance is both cinematic and poetic, fun and moving, in the flow of a seven-part play; An imaginary tale based on Greek the mythology of Pegasus, a divine, white, winged stallion and the journey of his seven foals to each find their unique lightness, so they can finally grow wings and be able to fly.

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