Here’s why the BMW 1M Coupe will cost a fortune very soon

Replacing the M3 was never going to be easy for BMW, and although the E90 version was introduced in 2008, the company wanted something smaller and more “affordable”. The M3 was a car that always wore a smile and made those who drove it smile too. When the race-bred M3 rolled into the sunset in the 1990s, it was a sad moment for purists.

There have undoubtedly been faster and more skilled versions of the Series 3, but somehow over the years, BMW purists felt that The Three lacked something from the start. But after the introduction of the BMW 1M Coupe, things were about to change for the better. Based on the 1 Series, the 1M was a car with an inline six-cylinder engine producing 339 hp, with a compact body, improved suspension and an intention to provide thrills behind the wheel.

The Motorsport-made 1 Series, when first revealed, looked like the ugly duckling of the range, but over the years the look has grown for many. With its flared wheel arches, sporty body kit and large 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels, this was no ordinary BMW. It was a BMW with tricks up its sleeve and continues to be extremely desirable in today’s used car market.

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BMW 1M increases in value

Other elements set it apart from other BMW offerings, such as quad exhaust pipes, M badging and chrome vents on the front fenders. It’s far from pretty, but the 1M coupe is more than a confused-faced doll. It’s more like Harley Quinn: mean and nice. It continues to pack a punch, and when it was introduced in 2011, it didn’t come cheap.

However, having been a threat to the Porsche Cayman, especially the S, it meant BMW had to underestimate its price rival, and it did. It is no longer the same today, because while the Porsche loses value, the BMW appreciates.

Which is more like buying a house then. Low-mileage examples of the 2011 model are on the market for just over $100,000, which can be found on They’re outrageously expensive, but purists buy them, and we’re here to find out why.

BMW 1M Coupe is cute now, wasn’t then

The compact and high-performance BMW 1M Coupe was sold exclusively in just three colors: Sapphire Black Metallic, Valencian Orange Metallic and Alpine White (non-metallic). We’re sorry BMW, but the 1M has a flat face – and the only detail that saved it a bit were the large air intakes that make room for fresh air into the engine.

Then there is the wide central air intake covered with a grille with a honeycomb structure, as well as two open outer air intakes. The shoulder line is clearly visible, and we can’t imagine how bland the side profile would have been had it not been for the shoulder line. It really brings out the distinct look of the car.

More sporty details on the BMW 1M Coupe

The wheel arches appear to have been injected with Botox. The exterior mirrors have also been shaped by the wind, but it’s the width of the wheel arches that first catches your eye. A neat spoiler lip sits on the boot lid, and it produces extra downforce on the rear axle when you have your foot on the ground. The back isn’t too bad actually, with side vents.

If there’s one thing that’s going to make your jaw drop, it’s the chrome dual exhausts, which protrude on either side. Ten years ago these seemed unusually large, but with today’s exhausts slowly growing or disappearing, they now look full size. The design of the taillights is neat and flows back to the front: that grille design – oh how we miss it on today’s BMWs!

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BMW 1M Coupé has a cockpit for drivers

The M-specific cockpit you see in the pictures was designed exclusively for the 1M coupe, which meant it had to be driver-focused, for a ride that would tickle the driver pink. Premium Alcantara with orange contrast stitching is found on the dash, instrument cluster, gear lever, door handles, door panels and handbrake lever gaiters.

The M-specific instrument cluster gets gray dials (we like white ones, I’m just saying), classic M red needles and white backlighting. The M-function leather steering wheel features the M button, which pulls the trigger for immediate throttle response. The driver is unlikely to feel out of place in a car like this.

Why Purists Buy the BMW 1M Coupe

For two reasons: because it packs a punch that can still give today’s cars nightmares, and secondly because its driver-centric nature can’t be ignored. It was one of the first M cars to feature a turbocharger. Purists didn’t care, but that was then, not now.

The engine plays a huge role in the importance of being this car. Let’s face it: the manual gearbox is slowly becoming infamous, and the 1M’s 6-speed manual unit will appeal to only a select few purists. The others will go and buy, perhaps, an M2. A 3.0-liter straight-six engine with 339hp on tap is still a big deal, and with a 0-60mph time of just 4.8 seconds, that’s no slouch either. This is a car that wants to be driven.

This is a car that will urge you to push it hard, not because you should, but because you are allowed to. As for the handling – the steering responds immediately, and it’s a much better driving machine than today’s BMWs. A perfect reason for the 1 Series M to be the next BMW to cost a fortune.

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