Heavn arrives in London and the Brown boys take control of Trussardi: What’s in Fashion?

Girls, it’s officially the end of winter! That means it’s time to ditch those puffer jackets and chunky knits, we’re manifesting long sunny days and sexy poolside attire. But there are no flowers this spring – and no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Instead, we have the pop-punk and emo-revival fashions of Marc Jacobs’ Heavn and the trippy ’70s style of Bianca Saunders’ new collection with Farah hitting the streets of London. There’s also the new inclusive Trussardi collection led by GmbH designers Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Serhat Işık and a new skate shoe from Nike and Polaroid celebrating individuality and self-expression in Pride style! Finally, there’s the casual luxury loungewear of Fear of God by Jerry Lorenzo, who told us about his favorite pieces from the timeless collection and the women who inspired it. Here’s what’s trending this week.

Bianca Saunders and Farah have a new pop-up shop inspired by the 70s in Selfridges

Weren’t the 70s a good time? Idk, I sincerely ask, I wasn’t there. But from the movies and retro photos, it looks like it was a cute time for menswear, with trippy shirts, skintight tank tops, groovy pastel flares and fringe everywhere. The new collaboration between ANDAM Award winner Bianca Saunders and Farah, the iconic brand that has played a key role in the styles of British subculture, evokes the spirit of this moment, and more specifically the Caribbean communities of the era. From ruched sweaters and safari jackets, to knitwear sets and a t-shirt adorned with the sweet slogan “love is all I bring”, the collection represents the designer’s own ideals of masculinity as a kind of a love letter to the confident men in her life. Launching yesterday, you can now experience a visually stunning pop-up for the collection in the Selfridges Menswear Atrium in London! XL

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Heavn is a Place on Earth: Dover Street Market London

Gen Z girls getting into training. Your new UK base has arrived and is in the basement of Dover Street Market London. Yes, Olivia Rodrigo-favorite, Heavn by Marc Jacobs, is establishing her new home at the famed high fashion retailer in Mayfair. The SS22 collection – featuring the sexy woven knits (as seen above on iD cover star Paloma Elsesser), Bratz doll miniskirts and baby graphic tees we love – will be in a space that reflects the original Heavn store in Los Angeles. A wall of stuffed animals was designed by artist John Scharbach, and a giant neon sign of the brand’s iconic double-headed teddy bear logo towers over the entire section. The space will also include some rooms dedicated to the cult 90s show starring Sofia Coppola Hi Octane, and some rare and cool print items curated by Climax Books. We’ll have to wait until the space launch on Sunday, April 3, though, to get a glimpse of the new Heavn home and ultimately browse IRL pop punk fashions. XL

Inside Brown Boy’s takeover of Milan’s oldest fashion house

February saw many debuts in London, Milan and Paris, but perhaps none more significant than that of Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Serhat Işık, the designers best known for their Berlin label GmbH. They staged their first collection for Trussardi, the oldest fashion house on the Milan Fashion Week schedule, and brought their inclusive community with them to shake up the Italian fashion system. “It’s about changing the whole idea of ​​what an Italian company can be today,” explained Serhat. “I mean, I think we all know, all of us who work in fashion, whether it’s Paris or Milan, we know that even with blacks and browns in a key position of power, they’re still struggling to create a structural system where there is real diversity that represents what these cities really look like. To learn more about their debut collection and their vision for a truly inclusive Italian fashion house, head here to read our full profile.


Image courtesy of Margaret London.

The new collaboration between Polaroid and Nike celebrates self-expression

Don’t let those fleeting moments of sunglasses and icy latte weather between rain and snow fool you, it’s not June yet. Although at Nike and Polaroid, it’s already the season of pride. The two brands have come together on a skate shoe that’s perfect for girls, gays and theirs (though straight men, there’s nothing stopping you from picking up a pair too!) that celebrates what’s at the heart of the sport street art and photography: creativity, inclusivity and self-expression. The new and improved Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Polaroid takes Nike’s signature swoosh and gives it a rainbow makeover in the style of the Polaroid spectrum logo. To celebrate the collaboration, a video released today shows the first openly gay skateboarder, Brian Anderson, taking to the streets of Barcelona in the shoes alongside Polaroid photographer Sarah Muerle as they discuss how skateboarding has championed historically underrepresented and forgotten communities. Pretty cool! The trainer itself will be available for purchase starting April 5 exclusively on the Nike SNKRS app or at select skate shops around the world. XL

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Fear of God takes loungewear to heavenly heights for AW22

Fear of God, the Los Angeles-based label launched by Jerry Lorenzo in 2012, has long been known for its approach to easy, airy American luxury. You could call it Laidback Luxury, given the oversized soft flannels, short-sleeved hoodies and soft denim it started life with. Today, the brand has come to encompass a wide repertoire, from a line of Italian-made essentials to the more recent addition of womenswear. For AW22, Jerry played on the idea of ​​timelessness with a slate-dominated collection reminiscent of concrete architecture or minimalist ceramics. Loose-fitting suits worn with baseball caps, cashmere overcoats layered over perfectly oversized t-shirts and fluffy, generously proportioned hoodies – it all fits into that original philosophy of beautifully crafted, comfortably neutral casual luxury. . There’s even a pair of suede sweatpants. We caught up with Jerry to find out more. O.A.

Hi Jerry! Why was this a good time to meditate on the idea of ​​timelessness?
I think we’ve always pondered the idea of ​​timelessness and are constantly trying to create pieces and collections that can live in your closet for a long time. We are now at a point where we feel that our resources correspond to our point of view. As our team grows and our resources increase, we are in a better position to really approach and honor this proposition in the right way.

What is the oldest thing in your own wardrobe and do you still wear it?
Probably the oldest thing right now is this Negro League sweatshirt I got from my dad in the 90s and still wear. In fact, I recreated it for our seventh collection.

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Can you tell us about your favorite piece from the collection? How was it made?
It’s hard to do because they’re all kind of like my kids. I think every piece seems necessary to complete our view. If I had to pick one, I’d probably pick the suede track pants. They also feel like a regular pair of hoodies with that Native American and modern vibe at the same time.

If this collection was a building, what would it be?
[Laughs] It wouldn’t be a building. Buildings don’t last forever.

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You recently launched women’s fashion. Can you tell us a bit more about the women who inspired him?
My wife inspires me a lot in everything I do. I think launching our women’s collection was a combination of me getting tired of her stealing things from my closet and wanting to provide her with pieces that I thought she was missing. I think my first attempt for women felt more honest coming from ‘Essentials’ and I love women in casual attire. I love the way women look in our main collection, it was authentic to how I see women dress.

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Images courtesy of Fear of God.

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