Doctor Octopus’ Arc Reactor Ending Brings Back An Iron Man Cut Crossover

Doctor Octopus’ story in Spider-Man: No Way Home ends with his redemption and a surprising payoff for his scheduled appearance in 2008’s Iron Man.

The Alfred Molina Iteration Of Doctor Octopus Returns In Spider-Man: No Coming Homeand its heartwarming ending is a surprising payoff for a slated 2008 appearance Iron Man. Although Marvel Studios, the in-house film division of Marvel Comics, didn’t get the movie on all of its characters when the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched, Sam Raimi’s Otto Octavius Spider Man The universe would, at some point, appear in Iron Man, tying the franchises together. Although this plan, unfortunately, did not end up in the final film, Doc Ock’s new ending in No coming home it is a (perhaps unintentional) homage to him.


In its original ending in Spiderman 2, Doctor Octopus regains control of his mechanical tentacles and mind, sacrificing himself to destroy his fusion generator. In No coming homeDoc Ock is returned to his old timeline (thus creating a new branching timeline from the canonical timeline Spider Man trilogy) with his spirit restored, albeit only minutes before he redeemed himself anyway, making his demise seemingly inevitable. Octavius ​​brought back with him a Miniature Arc Reactor from Stark Industries, which not only means he’ll likely disable his reactor in some other way (allowing him to survive and possibly use the reactor at arc for the benefit of his universe), but also that his planned crossover with Iron Man was referenced in some way.

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In Iron Man’s Early in development, Otto Octavius ​​and Tony Stark would have collaborated on the former’s signature cephalopod-like tentacles, with Tony Stark making the arms himself and Octavius ​​developing the inhibitor chip to ensure that it controls them instead of the other way around. This fascinating connection was prevented by Sony holding the rights to Doctor Octopus, but No coming home eventually succeeded on this connection by having a redeemed Doctor Octopus return to his reality with an invention of Stark. While it’s not a literal partnership between the two geniuses, Tony Stark indirectly aids Otto Octavius ​​from beyond the grave.

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What Spiderman 2 and No coming home (as well as source material from Marvel Comics) proves that Otto Octavius ​​is on the same level of brilliance as Tony Stark, but his live-action film incarnation is held back by the technology of his time, which doesn’t is not as advanced as the modern day MCU. While Octavius ​​immediately recognized the nanotechnology in the Iron Spider suit, his attempt to co-opt her backfired spectacularly when she took control of his 2004-era robotic tentacles, rendering him harmless but extremely irritated. With a miniature arc reactor more than a decade ahead of the technology of his time, Octavius ​​will be able to study Tony Stark’s arc reactor and likely replicate it, even if he will have to answer for his horrific crimes as than Doctor Octopus.

Planned appearance of Doctor Octopus in Iron Man is notably not the only attempt to establish the Sam Raimi Spider Man movies as part of the brand new MCU. Louis Leterrier lobbied for Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker to appear in The Incredible Hulk, but that too was unfortunately opposed by Sony. The Sam Raimi Spider Man the universe and the MCU may be separate realities, but Doctor Octopus’ possession of Tony Stark’s Arc Reactor in Spider-Man: No Coming Home is a satisfying reward for what would have been a thrilling 2008 crossover Iron Man.

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