Child walks around wearing Chucky doll costume, scares people. View photos | Tendency

Photos of a kid wandering around an American community wearing a Chucky doll costume and scaring his neighbors have been posted on Facebook.

Have you ever encountered something on the road that made you do a double take? That’s what happened with some people in a neighborhood in Alabama. Unsuspecting folks got scared after stumbling upon a “real” Chucky doll.

Facebook user Kendra Walden wrote about a wandering boy wearing a Chucky doll costume that ended up scaring some of the people who saw him. “Dear parents of the little boy in the chucky costume in Pinson. GET YOUR CHILD…I almost had a heart attack,” Walden wrote, posting some images of the child.

“I was renovating a house in the area and me and some of my employees were coming home from that house,” Walden said. parents today. “When we got closer to him, we saw it was real. It scared us,” she added. She also explained that at one point the boy also took off his mask, but upon seeing Walden, he put it back on.

Take a look at the post:

The post was shared on July 14. Since posting, the share has garnered over a lakh of shares. It has also racked up nearly 53,000 reactions and counts. The post prompted people to share various reactions.

“That made my day!!” posted a Facebook user. “I’ve seen this so many times and as a fellow Alabam I can’t get enough of it, thanks for making us laugh (and scare),” another said. “This is hilarious,” commented a third. “This. Is. Amazing,” wrote a fourth.

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