Check out this amazing illuminated display in Presque Isle!

Not too long ago, on a Sunday night, I was driving home from a delicious family dinner and using the commute to prepare my mental state for nighttime routines. Ask most parents how Sunday night is at home, because next weekend is as far away as it gets!

Commentary from the back seat …

I stayed focused on the road ahead of me while contributing to the automotive conversation on Thanksgiving. Suddenly, from the backseat, our 8 year old enthusiastically proclaimed “THE GUYS WATCH CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!” JEFF SPINS THIS CAR AND BACK TO THIS STREET! Time flies and I won’t miss a moment of her innocence and her joy, so I immediately turned and we headed for Elizabeth Street in Presque Isle.

The lighting in this house is one that I have seen from time to time over the years, but not every year. We admired the impressive display and pointed out different items to each other. I noticed that one of the screens says to tune your radio to 88.1 FM. When you get to this frequency, you are greeted with Christmas music in your vehicle while you enjoy the lights. That’s okay, you can walk away from one of our stations for the few moments you’re here and then reconnect with us.


Before the snow arrived last week, I got to see this screen again when I got home from work. I took some pictures and wanted to share them with all of you and encourage you and your families to stop by Elizabeth Street. !

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