Bunny Hopkins Garner Mass Praise Swing Boards

Some of the best childhood moments are when children are free to imagine with a prop – a cardboard box, dressy clothes, or Bunny Hopkins Swing Boards. Deliberately minimalist and inspired by the pure joy of free and open play, Wobble Boards can be a fun balance board, seesaw, pirate ship or doll’s crib (kids can snuggle in too). It’s an open-ended toy for kids that helps spark their creativity, promote physical play, and develop gross motor skills while having fun. Flip it over to make it a slide, obstacle course or magical rainbow fairy castle and spark creativity with so many imaginative play scenarios! This simple curved design activity toy invites children to balance and wobble, which strengthens the core and muscles, improves reflexes and hones balance skills that are essential for child development. Adults can peek into their child’s mind and happily skip cords, gadgets and batteries.

Handcrafted by local artisans in Bunny Hopkins’ workshop in Atlanta, Georgia, consumers need not worry about supply chain delays. In fact, Reviewed.com highlighted Bunny Hopkins in their 22 Awesome American-Made Toys And Gifts For Kids article. “These award-winning toys are all made from sustainable wood sourced from American forests and are made responsibly and with love by local artists,” wrote Janelle Randazza of Reviewed.com. Check out these Made-in-America Wobble Boards at https://bunnyhopkinstoys.com/ Not only the media, but also retailers were impressed. The American Specialty Toy Retailers Association (ASTRA) has named the Rainbow Wobble Board its 2021 winner of Best Toys for Kids in the Active & Outdoor category.

Besides its natural American maple wood beauty, what makes this toy so special? “In today’s increasingly complex world, open-ended play is essential for the balanced development of children,” says Shamik Dasgupta, Founder of Bunny Hopkins. “This type of play allows children to be nimble and not afraid of interacting wrongly with the Wobble Board because there is no correct method or result and allowing future adaptations – the freedom to invent and discover, nurture talent in a relaxed way.Minimalist designs stimulate their curiosity and allow them to immerse themselves in their own imagination and creativity with hours of active, agile play.Kids just know it’s pure pleasure.

Toy industry experts agree, showering the American toymaker with multiple awards over the past few months in addition to ASTRA honors. Wobble Board was named Top Holiday Toy by Toy Insider for its Toddler Holiday Gift Guide and Top Toys for 2-Year-Olds. Creative Child named it the 2021 Children’s Product of the Year in its Children’s Active Play Products category, as well as a 2021 Creative Play of the Year award in the Motor Skills Creative Play category. The Mom’s Choice Awards gave it a gold seal.

“Parents have been keen to tell us and other parents that this is so much more than just a swinging board,” boasted the National Parenting Center in its glowing review as a Seal winner. fall 2021 approval. “It offers many playtime benefits and can be used in a ‘u’ shape or upside down ‘u’ shape for endless play options. It can be a ramp, a rocking chair, a surfboard, a slide, a bridge, a tunnel, etc. Everything your child does while playing with it will come intuitively because there are no instructions, and that’s one of the great things about the wobble board. It’s definitely not one of those toys that a child will get bored of (pun intended) quickly.

Grandparents, parents and donors can choose from six variations and two popular sizes: Regular and Starter, which are perfect for children 18 months and older.

The standard size swing board measures 32 inches long, 12 inches wide, 7 inches high, and ¾ inches thick and is durably built to last for many years so kids can grow with it. Amazingly, it can hold up to 450 pounds, so older kids, the babysitter, and grandparents can join in the fun and games. Choose from several nifty variations: Rainbow ($159); Diversity ($159); maple honey ($129); Red Oak ($129); NEW! White linen ($129); and Unfinished ($89).

The beginner-sized swing board is ideal for toddlers and measures 23 inches long, 12 inches wide and 3 inches high and ¾ inches thick. Toddlers’ gross motor skills get a great workout with the arch/curve height specially designed for toddler safety. At just 3 inches tall, this board is the perfect height to introduce open play and learn to balance. Like the regular sized Wobble Board, choose from six nifty variations – Rainbow ($129), Diversity ($129), Honey Maple ($99), Red Oak ($99), NEW! White Linen ($99) and Unfinished ($59).

To date, the best sellers are the Rainbow and Diversity versions. Vibrant like a rainbow in the sky, the Rainbow Wobble Board feeds a child’s innovative spirit with hours of active play. The diversity-themed Wobble Board elevates emotional intelligence and cultural awareness, which is essential for the balanced development of today’s child. The Honey Maple variation is most loved by lovers of “just natural shade” and Montessori moms, and its close compatriot, the new White Linen variation is chic and elegant, brightening up any child’s playroom. The Red Oak variation is the darkest shade and beautifully highlights the underlying wood grain. And finally, the unfinished variant is for the creative do-it-yourselfer, with just the bare wood and no finish so anyone can get creative and finish the Wobble Board the way they want.

All Bunny Hopkins products are safety certified for the United States and Europe to ASTM F963 and EN71 safety requirements, and sustainably made with American maple wood. Best of all, each board is handcrafted by local artisans in Bunny Hopkins’ Atlanta studio. So when you buy a Bunny Hopkins product, you’re supporting local families, communities and economies. Moms love Bunny Hopkins swing boards. Watch their views in this video – https://youtu.be/lMnlwAOlp24

“My kids (ages 1 and 2) constantly play with this. And the children too (up to 10-11 years old) when they come! There’s no end to the ways it can be used,” one mum wrote in a review. “My boys drive their trucks on it, slide on it, climb on it, etc. So much fun and the best part is that it’s made in the USA! ! Also, very good quality. »

Check out all the beautifully designed Wobble Boards online at https://bunnyhopkinstoys.com/collections/wobbleboard-collection and watch the kids have endless fun in this video – https://youtu.be/fVLi-4YvxW8

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