Barbie Mermaid Power Clip Reveals Magical Mermaid Transformations

Before the arrival of the animated feature film Barbie Mermaid Power on Netflix, MovieWeb can play a clip of the movie. In the clip, Barbie and her friends transform into mermaids for an underwater musical adventure. The film will premiere on Netflix on September 1, 2022, and you can watch the brand new clip below.

The official synopsis of Barbie Mermaid Power is as follows:

Join Barbie “Brooklyn” Roberts, Barbie “Malibu” Roberts and her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea on an underwater adventure as they transform into mermaids to help save the world of Pacifica. In Barbie Mermaid Power, Barbie and Barbie are summoned by Isla (from Dolphin Magic) to compete to be the Underwater Power Keeper in a series of challenges designed to find their inner powers. Through these competitions, they find out if they are Earth, Air, Water or Fire mermaids, while making new animal and mermaid friends. In this fishy tale of friendship, adventure and bravery, Barbie, Barbie and their family experience firsthand what it’s like to balance the worlds above and below the sea and learn a lesson in finding their inner powers along the way.

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Barbie Mermaid Power is one of many upcoming Barbie projects

Mattel will offer many Barbie content for fans to watch outside of this new animated movie Barbie Mermaid Power. The webseries is also in preparation Barbie: City Life, as previously reported by TheWrap. This series will be released on YouTube on September 15 and will mainly focus on the Brooklyn character. Also in development is Barbie: It Takes Two, Part 2, which is slated to hit Netflix in the fall. Meanwhile, a live-action feature film is in development starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken; the film directed by Greta Gerwig will be released in theaters in July 2023.


“Mattel has an ongoing commitment to expanding the universe of Barbie content,” said Fred Soulie, senior vice president and general manager of Mattel TV, in a statement. “Barbie continues to impact global audiences, and we can’t wait for fans to engage with this exciting slate of upcoming content rolling out on Netflix and with our global streaming partners.”

Executive Vice President and Global Head of Barbie, Lisa McKnight, added, “Fostering a more inclusive world is at the heart of every decision we make. Barbie is the most diverse line of dolls on the market and we continue to evolve the brand to be a more relevant and modern reflection of the world at every brand touchpoint. Leverage our global brand platform to express the multiplicity of Barbie is not a responsibility we take lightly. We are committed to sharing diverse stories wherever you can find Barbiefrom social media to brand partners, content, digital games and products.”

Barbie Mermaid Power will premiere on Netflix on September 1, 2022.

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