at the Teatro Sanità the story of a young greengrocer in love with a real doll Events in Naples

After the preview at the Campania Teatro Festival, Friday February 18 at 9:00 p.m. will take place at the Nuovo Teatro Sanità Carmine Verricello – A true story, a show written and directed by Alberto Mele and Marco Montecatino, the latter also performing with Renato Bisogni and Cecilia Lupoli. The story is that of two brothers who see their lives turned upside down when the minor becomes engaged to Oxana, a real Ukrainian doll, who radically upsets the family balance. Rebroadcasts Saturday, February 19 at 9:00 p.m. and Sunday, February 20 at 6:00 p.m.

The text takes place in Camposano a Valle, a small town near Naples, during Easter week. The protagonists are Carmine Verricello, 29, and Aniello, two brothers whose simple life made up of work at the convenience store they manage and Sunday dinners, is undermined by the arrival of Oxana, a real Ukrainian doll with who Carmine is engaged to. The new flame will wreak havoc on the lives of both, prompting Carmine to break free from the loving yoke of a brother/father/master. Feeling stuck, Aniello seeks help from the mental health center, forcing his brother to go there, against his will. Here he meets Alice Capri, a strange and beautiful doctor, who will come into Carmine’s life, turning her upside down.

“Through the voice of Carmine Verricello – Alberto Mele and Marco Montecatino explain – we decided to talk about the oblivion and loneliness that today is no longer the prerogative of big cities, but that has also taken root and takes root in small communities, becoming a universal problem that does not is no longer attributable solely to the most advanced and technological part of the world. We started from the inspiration given to us by the 2007 film Lars and a girl of his by Craig Gillespie, in which the protagonist, a sui generis boy played by Ryan Gosling, begins a relationship with a real doll, managing to scratch with his youthful humanity the justified cover of the distrust of the people of his small town in Wisconsin”.

Cost of the ticket 12 euros. Info and reservations at 3396666426 or email [email protected]

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