A woman is asked to fire her nanny who canceled her first day of work

A woman has taken to the internet for advice after her new nanny canceled her first day at work, minutes before her shift.

According to Newsweekthe aggrieved mother took to the Mumsnet forum to discuss the situation.

She alleged the newly hired nanny texted saying she couldn’t come that day. The message arrived about half an hour before the start of his service.

Apparently the nanny claimed she had to take her dog to the vet. She also said she had to take care of her brother who was out of school due to a death in the family.

“She didn’t offer a solution, she just said it was,” the mother complained. “She didn’t even ask, is it okay if she doesn’t come…just said it was a fact.”

The mum added that she “sympathizes” with the nanny. However, she is now concerned about the nanny’s overall reliability.

The mother wanted to know if it was a smart decision to fire the nanny and start looking for someone else. According to Newsweekmany other mums on Mumsnet supported this decision.

“If she’s happy to shoot this on day one, what will she be like after a few months,” one user pointed out.

‘Don’t open yourself up to a litany of excuses let it go now,’ wrote another, urging the mum to listen to her ‘guts’.

Others were of the opinion that the nanny does not prioritize her work. Many agreed that they would have fired her on the spot.

You might think today’s nannies don’t seem as dependable as the ones Julie Andrews played on screen in Mary Poppins and The sound of music. However, this is not necessarily a fair assessment.

To start, Newsweek notes that families spend about $16,000 a year on child care. That’s a lot of money for a parent to lose, but it’s far from a living wage.

Care.com reports that, on average, nannies are paid around $15.30 per hour in the United States. Of course, this is only the average: some earn more, others less.

The mum even mentioned that her nanny had a second job at a restaurant to supplement her salary and wondered if she was tired after a hard night’s work.

Additionally, Nanny Counsel points out that nannies, like anyone else, will get sick and need it from time to time. The site recommends having a backup plan and understanding that things happen sometimes.

To be fair, however, they don’t have any recommendations for canceling minutes before your first shift.

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