9 actors who could play Adult Van, according to Reddit

The new Showtime series, yellow jackets, had fans hooked from the first scene. An apparent example of cannibalism along an eerily woody backdrop had goosebumps running down viewers’ spines. Actors like Ella Purnell, Sophie Thatcher and Samantha Hanratty have returned to the screen and fully embodied the fear and despair of a young group of girls stranded in the middle of nowhere after a plane crash.

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The show only gives a glimpse into the adult lives of four confirmed survivors of the crash. And at the end of the season, fans are left with more questions than answers. Who will they see as adults in the next season, who lives and dies, and worst of all, who eats who? Fans took to Reddit to discuss the fate of fan-favorite character Van, and they came up with some very interesting casting choices for his adult counterpart.


Sarah Snook

Sarah Snook is an Australian actress who has since come to light for her starring role in Succession. In fact, just recently she was up for a Screen Actor’s Guild Award and has already won a Golden Globe for her role as Shiv Roy. Viewers may also recognize her from her recent film roles in The glass castle and Pieces of a woman. For Snook, a role like Shiv would prepare her well for any connection Van might have with Taissa’s political career as an adult.

Reddit user Lily99463 has some strong opinions on this, exclaiming that he would love to see “Sara Snook as an adult Van!” Unfortunately for fans, chunkydunkerskin delivers the bad news that even if they “would love it. Sadly, dodgy since she’s on a major HBO show and well…YJ is on Showtime. It’s not happening, I I’m sure. But I absolutely wish I could!” Other users have commented on how Snook is a fellow Aussie and would be very suitable for the role.

Laurent Ambroise


Lauren Ambrose is no stranger to tragedy. She made her breakthrough in the industry as Claire Fisher in Six feet Under ground. His family on the show runs a funeral home in Los Angeles, so Ambrose’s foundational role as an actor was shrouded in death, much like how Van has brushed with death so many times. She received critical acclaim for the role, and the world is watching her again as she stars in M. Night Shyamalan’s Apple TV+ original, Servant. The psychological horror film is dark and twisted, just like the plot of Yellow jackets.

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Simply put, Reddit user SodaPopGurl said “Van = Lauren Ambrose”. Some users fear that she is too busy on the set of Servant, but dkisanxious says they “just love it and [they] know she could do such a great job here.” Reddit user Elisesez agrees: “Yeah!! She’d be perfect.” Fans can only hope she can find time in her schedule, not least because of the uncanny resemblance.

Thora Birch


Viewers are more likely to recognize Thora Birch for her child star work, including, Hocus Pocus. Her background in witchcraft may give her the tools she needs to play a character like Van, who may have experienced something supernatural. More recently, she appeared in the wildly popular, The walking dead, which has her interact with death itself, much like Van.

Reddit user CineCraftKC explains, “Van has so, so many awesome options! […] I think my favorite is Thora Birch.” Other Reddit users praise her work in The walking dead, and the site that her changed appearance from childhood now makes her look a lot like Van, Jastanto says, “Thora Birch is the only correct answer for Van. She looks very different as an adult and looks so much like Van !”

Natacha Lyonne


Due to his work in Orange is the new black and But I’m a cheerleader, Natasha Lyonne has established herself as an LGBTQ icon. She has the experience to portray an LGBTQ character, and her fiery red hair and straightforward on-screen personality matches Van’s. She is currently working as a lead in a Netflix comedy series titled Russian doll, which may make her unavailable for the role.

Reddit user HalcyonRye said Lyonne “would be amazing”, with The_Real_Swamp_Witch adding that “the personalities are definitely similar. Natasha is one of my favorites. She should hide the New York accent a bit. But I would love to see her in this.” Many other users agreed, and the uncanny similarities in appearance, style, personality, and on-screen acting make Lyonne a great choice for adult Van.

Donna Lynn Champlin


Donna Lynn Champlin is best recognized by fans for her work in the CW comedy, Crazy ex-girlfriend. Her work in this production makes her very familiar with storylines depicting women who are unashamed and empowered by their sexuality. This experience would help make Van an LGBT icon for viewers. She was also recently in Yes, God, yes, a satirical comedy about a Catholic girl who experiences tempting “racy” thoughts.

It’s less for her work in these productions than for her resemblance to Liv Hewson as Van, that fans are vying for her to portray the adult version. Reddit user Egoteen said, “Oh man, that idea just blew my mind! Donna Lynne Champlin as an adult Van.” Many other users supported his idea, and now fans are even more excited to see who takes on the role.

Merritt Wever


Merrit Wever became known for her performance as a young nurse in Nurse Jacky. Her performance was critically acclaimed and she even won an Emmy. She had similar praise for her role in Impious and recently starred in the Netflix miniseries Incredible. She had many supporting roles in TV series and movies such as birdman and Marriage story. Like many of the women on this list, she brings a sort of “tomboyish” energy to the screen, similar to that of Van.

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Reddit user Birdisdaword777 first brought it up, saying “Merritt Wever would bring a whole new level of awesomeness to Van.” Many agree, like pepperjones926, “yaaaaaaaaaas, that’s a good one!” She’s also one of the closest in age on this list, so fans are interested to see which direction they’ll go.

Julia Stiles


Van’s most talked about adult casting choice is Julia Stiles. His likeness and age are on point, and his tomboyish energy would really make him a great fit for the role. Viewers would recognize her from her work in productions like 10 things I hate about you one of his best films, where she portrays a smart and slightly abrasive teenage girl, much like Van’s character.

Some Reddit users also cite her facial expressions, 90s actress vibes, and deep voice as other reasons why Stiles is the right choice. Reddit user Dawjman points out that “Julia Stiles is perfect. She even has the same facial expression.” with SanBernardoAvenue agreeing that it “would look perfect with the 90s icon theme!”

Samantha Sloyan


Samantha Sloyan was singled out as another viable option for adult Van due to her similar red hair and age appropriateness. She is known for her work in Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, but more recently for his work in Midnight Mass, a supernatural horror series that aired on Netflix last year. That being said, she’s no stranger to the creepy side of television.

Reddit user mcranjam first pitched her name, exclaiming that they wanted “Samantha Sloyan for adult Van!” Other users agreed, citing her more appropriate age over other casting suggestions as the main reason for casting her, “With Sarah Snook a bit too young, Samantha Sloyan is the only choice I’d like to see for Van adult.”

Martha Plimpton


Martha Plimpton rose to prominence for her role as Stef Steinbrenner in the 1985 film, The Goonies, a similar iconic child-led production. Since then, she has had a long career, critically acclaimed for her work both on screen and on stage. At the time of Goonies, Wever tended to play very “tomboyish” roles, and Stef fit the bill. Her personality of having more masculine energy on screen would make her a great fit for Van.

Reddit user deadletterstotinker says they “think Martha Plimpton works like a grown-up Van. Plimpton’s on-screen energy in Goonies looks a lot like Van’s and fans are excited about the idea, even though Wever is a little past the age Van would have at the time of the real-time adult scenes.

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