7 things that separate Tinykin from Pikmin

Truly wonderful 3D platformers in the indie space tend to be rare, but Tinykin is the latest example of a real gem in the genre. This collect-a-thon adventure draws a lot of inspiration from the famous Nintendo franchise pikminewith a central element of the game around small creatures that assist the protagonist.

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Although the similarities between the two games can be striking, the developers of Tinykin ensured that the game had its own identity while separating itself from the more well-known pikmine. Whether or not gamers like Nintendo’s iconic strategy franchise, it’s important to keep these differences in mind.


seven time does not pass

One of the key elements of the pikmine games is that time is always in motion. This means players must complete as many as they can while the sun is still up. However, time is not a factor Tinykin. In fact, time has stopped moving in the universe.

The main character arrives in a world stuck in 1991, with the normal day-night cycle frozen for some time. While the exact reasons for this aren’t revealed until much later in the game, players needn’t worry about time-sensitive objectives while playing.

6 No pressure to finish

Along the same lines as time does not pass, there is very little pressure on the player in Tinykin. Whereas pikmine usually revolves around fixing a ship in time before losing the air needed to breathe, the protagonist Milo can actually breathe ambient air.

Besides that, there is no major threat that Milo has to face except for the need to return to his home planet. The game is designed for players to spend a lot of time exploring every room in the big house and finding collectibles in every nook and cranny. So sit back and enjoy the views of the interior design.

5 Lots of NPCs to talk to

In general, pikmine plays out without much contact with characters to talk to, with the occasional exception of other aliens who are also part of the expedition. In contrast, Tinykin is filled with a world of other people to talk to and interact with. Specifically, the game is filled with adorable bugs.

From dung beetles to dragonflies, these creatures have transformed the rooms of Milo’s giant house into miniature societies. Going to them will give the player tips on how to play the game, little bits of a laugh, or some real lore building. Either way, spending time with the characters of Tinykin is a delight.

4 Focus on crossing the house

The most of pikmine takes place outdoors, with players running through logs and battling enemies in the grass. On the other hand, the events of Tinykin take place entirely inside a singular house. Although there are many insects to interact with, everything is done in the safety of the interior.

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The game is all about navigating normally small areas like a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen which are huge compared to Milo. The main focus is on interacting with household objects, including carrying large objects around a room to open cabinet doors that initially hid entire areas to explore.

3 Tinykin has no similar roles

Both games are similar as they have little guys that serve as tools to help the player move forward. But while Pikmin can be used for similar purposes, such as carrying items and fighting, each Tinykin in the game has its own unique purpose that doesn’t overlap with the others.

For example, pink Tinykin are used to push and lift objects while red Tinykin blast fragile barriers. The closest overlap might be with the yellow and green Tinykin. The green ones can be stacked and used as a ladder, while the yellow ones create bridges for Milo and others to cross. However, these are two completely separate roles.

2 There are no battles

Whereas pikmine is a game with adorable elements, there are times when things can get brutal. This is especially true during the combat sections of the game, where players are forced to put Pikmin on the front lines of battle and risk their deaths.

But in Tinykin, there are no battles. Combat is just not a mechanic in the game and most Tinykin don’t have to risk death to help Milo. The only ones who do are the explosive reds who seem excited and happy to do so. Other than zero combat, there really aren’t any major antagonists in the game, with the only obstacle being repairing the ship.

1 It’s a 3D platformer

While there is a lot of inspiration between the two games, the bottom line is that these games belong to completely different genres. pikmine is a strategic action game about managing small creatures well and trying to gather resources before it’s too late.

Tinykin is an indie 3D platformer about jumping and collecting items that will benefit the rebuilding of the ship at home. Players are unlikely to run out of Tinykin, and even when that happens there will always be eggs nearby to pick up. And as stated before, there is no pressure to rush the game.

Tinykin is available now on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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