10 Horror Villains With Superpowers

Simplistic masked murders seen in Scream, Halloween kills, to the more supernatural and weird entities of the rebooted candy man and even Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madnessit takes several creative minds to keep the horror genre spooky.

Horror villains, much like the movies they come from, are as unique and complex as the storyline needs them to be. As varied as the genre is, it’s remarkable how many characters are equipped with superpowers to keep up with their body count. While some villains use their powers effectively, there are others who don’t care about the consequences of their actions or get hurt (which is downright terrifying when audiences consider some of Hollywood’s most memorable villains and of the film industry in general).


Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

At some point in the Friday 13 series, Jason went from a murderous recluse living in Camp Crystal Lake to a Godzilla-like force of nature. Not only does he have one of the highest kill counts and a notorious ability to come back, movie after movie, but he inherited some superpowers in the process.

Along with his super strength and durability, he was able to come back from the dead, withstand electrocution, impalement, immolation, and even an encounter with Freddy Krueger during his long career. . Practically an immortal zombie monster at this point, it takes a lot to keep Jason in the grave and escape his blood-fueled wrath.

Chucky (child’s play)

Close up of Chucky

Chucky is where things start to get a little complicated, simply because of the way his movie series and his mythos have developed and evolved over the decades. With a franchise spanning over thirty years, the murderous mutant doll has gone from serial killer to full-fledged necromancer (and that’s not even including its spin-off series).

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From transferring his soul to a doll, to creating a clone army to take over a small town, Chucky has risen to be an Avengers-level threat since his debut. With a bloodlust that could rival Marvel’s Carnage, it wouldn’t be surprising if his next movie ended up getting grittier and horrifying.

Killjoy (Killjoy)

If his powers were put to good use, Killjoy would be an anti-Joker-like clown-themed superhero. In the film, the soul of a murdered teenager calls on the spirit of Killjoy to avenge his death at the hands of a street gang who shot him. If Killjoy wasn’t a clown, it could be the plot of a Spawn comic or a Red Lantern origin story.

Although he’s no Deadpool, Killjoy’s twisted sense of humor is his biggest identifying characteristic, killing his victims in creative and cartoonish ways. It’s not the deepest slasher movie, but the similarities to some supervillains are there.

Horny the clown (drive-thru)

An image of a man cowering in front of a clown in Drive-Thru

Horny the Clown is what Killjoy might look like if his backstory revealed he was the murdered victim. In this film, the spirit of a murdered teenager seeks revenge on his peers who killed him by attacking their children.

Murder victims rising from the grave to become superheroes or villains is nothing new (just take a look at characters like Deadman, Spawn, and The Crow). However, there is something more sadistic and tenacious about this killer clown. Any burger restaurant that has a demonic mascot is just asking for trouble.

The warlock (sorcerer)


Loki, Doctor Destiny, and Klarion the Witch Boy are just a few evil magic users who have graced comic book panels everywhere, and they have more than a few things in common with the Warlock. Dark magic and dealings with the devil are commonplace in many dark fantasy features, but this sinister wizard has an extra flair for the diabolical.

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Granted, he has nothing to do with Doctor Strange, John Constantine, or Zantana, but he’s still a pretty powerful entity. It’s a miracle he hasn’t made an appearance somewhere in the maddening multiverse.

Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Freddy goes super in Nightmare 5 The Dream Child

Freddy Krueger understood dark meta-humor long before Ryan Reynolds even put on the Deadpool costume. If his crimes weren’t so graphic and horrifying, Freddy might have found himself battling the Justice League or the Avengers in their nightmares. He certainly spent time in the pages of a comic book.

Freddy’s powers are limited only by the confines of the dream world and the killer’s own twisted imagination. As an odd combination of Deadpool, the Scarecrow, and Mr. Mxyzptlk, his reality-warping abilities are truly to be feared and admired.

Pinhead (Hellraiser)

Interdimensional beings are a big part of any comic book or graphic novel epic, and Pinhead and his creepy Cenobite pals are more than cut out for the job. Demons to some, angels to others, and well-equipped for the role of villain, The Order of the Gash is a collection of otherworldly beings looking to tear each other apart for their hearts’ pleasure.

Characters like Pinhead and the Cenobites would be more than welcome in Neil Gaiman’s Realms Sand seller series, particularly with their ability to warp the fabric of reality, teleport, and exploit their victim’s desires and fears for their own nefarious ends. It looks suspiciously like characters like Demise and Desire of The Endless.

Candyman (Candyman)

While no one will ever top Tony Todd’s original performance, the Candyman seen in the reboot film has the potential to become more of a Batman-inspired vigilante than the one that came before. He is more than the ghost of a murdered soul seeking revenge; he is the spirit of vengeance for the wrongly condemned.

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In addition to teleporting, levitating, and manipulating mirrors, Candyman can jump to different dimensions and even infect a new host (as seen in the reboot). Just wonder if it will live up to the setup in a sequel.

Carrie WhiteCarrie

An image of Carrie White smiling in Carrie

There’s no denying that if Carrie White had met Charles Xavier at the right time, she would have become one of the most gifted X-Men in the academy. Call it telekinesis, ESP or other psychic terminology, Carrie has the makings and origin story of a superhero, plain and simple.

So many heroes, villains, and anti-heroes come with abilities that they don’t fully understand and their society never truly accepts, and Carrie is a shining example of that. In the end, her tormentors brought her in and she simply fell victim to an insensitive environment that forced her hand.

Brandon (Brightburn)

A photo of Brandon using his heat vision

Brightburn is a movie that tackles the question of what would happen if Superman turned evil. In the film, an alien boy named Brandon is adopted by a couple, who do their best to raise him despite his supernatural status. However, his inherently evil nature is awakened when a piece of alien technology reactivates.

With essentially the same abilities as a certain Man of Steel, Brandon soon devastates his farming community and wreaks havoc worthy of any supervillain. It definitely gives the genre a comic book flavor that needs more attention.

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