Inexpensive borrowing – Which loan?

Borrowing money will never be free of charge, that is something we can establish with certainty. But is it necessary that borrowing money costs a lot of money? Of course not, because there are plenty of opportunities that can lead to cheap borrowing. But of course that does not necessarily mean that it is also very easy to negotiate a cheap and affordable loan. There are dozens of places where money can be borrowed, so there are more than enough lenders from which you can make a choice, but ultimately there are of course only a few where cheap borrowing can actually be realized, because lenders that have high interest rates handling may not be of good or poor service to you and borrow money and a high interest rate simply do not go well together. Take the test and see through a loan simulation what you will eventually lose on certain loans at the end of the ride.

Which loan is the cheapest?

Which loan is the cheapest?

Inexpensive borrowing is not just a matter of whether or not to end up with a cheap lender, because there is also a very good distinction to be made between loans, and certainly with regard to cheap borrowing. For example, a general loan – such as a personal loan – is often much less cheap than a targeted loan, of which the car loan is a particularly good example. It is therefore certainly very interesting to see whether a specific loan is available for the purpose that you have in mind or whether you should, for example, focus on the personal loan. In the first-mentioned case, cheap borrowing will probably make you succeed better than in the case of the personal loan. In any case, cheap borrowing is a choice that you have to the extent that you choose the lender and therefore simply have to stay far away from the expensive lenders. This does not even require a loan simulation, because the APR actually says it immediately, as it appears on

Cheap loan and term

Cheap loan and term

The duration of the loan may or may not be able to find a cheap loan. Where many people only take the APR into account, that is certainly not the only factor and, in addition to the APR, the duration of the loan can certainly be decisive. It happens that a term of 12 months – which is therefore relatively short for loans such as the personal loan – will have to deal with a higher APR as if you took out the same loan for 24 months, for example. This also applies to cheap borrowing.


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