Easy Credits and Cards

There are specific credit cards and specific loans related to fast loans, let’s see some examples how in the case of NeroBank , it is a pre-granted credit in order to help the user in case of needing solvency If you do not have it, you must be a bank customer through a payroll or checking account. When applying for this loan, you will only pay interest on the capital you have, if you decide not to use the money you will not have to pay anything extra. The credit limits set in this type of loans are: on the one hand, you can request double the payroll entered in the entity with a maximum of up to € 12,000 and the minimum income of € 900 per month; If you do not have a payroll, you have the option of requesting it by having investments in NeroBank and you can request up to € 3,000 if you have deposited either in savings plans or in investments € 12,000. This is the minimum required to be appropriate to request the service described. The interest in this entity is 11% APR, of the most affordable in terms of this type of loans. The documentation in this case will be minimal because you are already a customer.


The Aerox Smart Loan

credit loan

Is another practical option to get money, you will not have to pay for its opening, for the study plan, for the partial repayment of this nor will you be charged any commission for early cancellation. In addition, it gives us a margin of between 3,000 and 50,000 €, being able to choose the monthly fee to be paid, having a wide margin of between one and eight years to return the requested amount. The only requirements that you will be asked for are to be an Aerox Banco customer , to have income or receipts in the account and additional documentation to make sure the validity and award the loan that the user demands. It is the entity itself who decides whether or not the request is accepted.


The Puro Oro card

credit loan

Does not require you to be a Puro bank customer, you can direct the payment of the debt incurred by paying with that card from any bank that the customer decides. You have the convenience of paying as best suits you, in equal installments, by percentage or vary, each month has the advantage of being able to change the payment method as it is most practical. The card has no annual fee and offers discounts on your purchases in addition to providing accident insurance and 24-hour travel assistance for free. The interest to be charged is over 20% APR in this case.


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