Consolidation and refinancing.

Reasierbank as – Consolidation and refinancing

Reasierbank as - Consolidation and refinancing

Why bother with several disadvantageous loans in which you are confused and unable to repay them in full? That is exactly the question Reasierbank as will answer to you through its product called Consolidation and Refinancing.

The result of this solution is the unification of any type of credit, such as traditional loans, credit cards, overdrafts and the like. In the finals you can get one monetary obligation, which you set the due date according to your needs, including the total amount paid.

Consolidation and refinancing from Reasierbank as, high clarity, possibility to get extra money and zero worries about repayment.

Arrange a loan of CZK 500,000 for 96 months. The interest rate will be 11.9% pa, APR 12.57% pa and monthly payment of CZK 8,099. The total amount is CZK 777,500. Free of charge. Your bonus at the end of the loan maturity period will be CZK 172,124. If the total amount is reduced by the bonus and the number of installments is maintained, the resulting bonus rate is 4.9% pa 

Advantages of loan consolidation:

Advantages of loan consolidation:

  1. Consolidation and refinancing covers any amount of loans – from $ 20,000 to $ 700,000.
  2. To achieve low and unobtrusive monthly installments, a relatively wide repayment period of 6 – 120 months is prepared.
  3. Arranging and maintaining a credit account for consolidation and refinancing is completely free of charge.
  4. You decide on what day of the month your financial obligations will be settled.
  5. If you are an active user of an current account, you automatically get a 1% discount on the interest rate.
  6. If necessary, the loan can be easily insured against loss of employment and risk of incapacity for work.
  7. You can borrow extra cash up to CZK 700,000 for transferred loans.

Disadvantages of loan consolidation:

Disadvantages of loan consolidation:

  1. In order to obtain adequate sums of money, it is necessary to prove the appropriate creditworthiness, which means having adequate monthly income.
  2. The low interest rate of 4.9 pa is conditional on the maintenance of an account with RB and the proper repayment of the loan.

Loan consolidation conditions:

Loan consolidation conditions:

  1. An individual with permanent residence in the Czech Republic or with a residence permit in the Czech Republic
  2. Confirmation of regular monthly income
  3. Contracts that relate to other loans you want to consolidate and refinance

Representative example:

The advantages of consolidation and refinancing from Reasierbank as can be presented on a very simple example. For example, you need $ 5,000. You choose a maturity of 96 months, which gives you an adequate monthly payment of CZK 1,409. This corresponds to an interest rate of 7.9% and an APR of 8.19%. No other provision or management fees are recorded. You will pay a total of 135 209 CZK.

Method of repayment:

Method of repayment:

You can repay your obligations with Reasierbank as by cashless way. Simply set up a payment order on a day that you think is right for you.


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